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Evidence-based practices that deal with work-family conflict and enrichment: systematic literature review
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Verslas: teorija ir praktika = Business : theory & practice. Vilnius : VGTU leidykla, 2020, Vol. 21, iss. 2
p. 820-826
Vilnius : VGTU leidykla
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Work and family are the most important aspects in everyday life that interact with each other simultaneously. The interaction between work and family may cause both negative and positive outcomes that is why scientists and practitioners are seeking to understand how to control them. The purpose of this article was to review existing literature on work-family conflict and enrichment interventions. We conducted a systematic literature review to investigate the evidence-based practises that dealt with reduction of work-family conflict and increase in work-family enrichment. After the screening, 12 articles from 699 unique studies were selected for the in-depth analysis. 11 out of 12 represented interventions confirmed significant positive results about the reduction of work-family conflict or increase in work-family enrichment. It is not surprising that organizations quite often choose training/workshop as the most suitable intervention. Similarly, only one scientific article presented the intervention that used real organizational change to reduce work-family conflict. Additionally, only one intervention was oriented towards the positive side of work family interaction – increase in work-family enrichment. Finally, practical implications and future research directions are proposed in the discussion.
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