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    Švietimo naujienos [interneto svetainė]. Vilnius: Nacionalinė švietimo agentūra, 2021-11-11, p. 1-8
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  • The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound effect on the system of education—gaps in students’ learning, their socioemotional and mental health problems and growing inequality have been recorded. These problems confront students from low socioeconomic status (SES) in particular, therefore supportive relationships with teachers are of great importance. The growth mindset, as a student’s belief that he or she can develop his or her capabilities, can help him or her cope with arising difficulties. Based on the first hypothesis, this study sought to establish whether teacher support is positively related to student’s achievement. Our second hypothesis is as follows: a student’s growth mindset moderates the positive effect of teacher support on students’ achievement; this relationship is stronger when the student’s growth mindset is higher. The research sample consisted of 163 students from municipalities of Lithuania that are regarded as socioeconomically disadvantaged. The research results show positive correlations between teacher’ support, student’s growth mindset and achievement. Additionally, the role of student’s growth mindset as a moderator between teacher support and the student’s achievement was established. Statistically significant differences between high-SES and low-SES students when comparing their growth mindsets and achievement prove that it is important to enhance confidence of low-SES students in their capabilities and the potential to develop them.
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    Švietimo naujienos [interneto svetainė]. Vilnius: Nacionalinė švietimo agentūra, 2021-12-17, p. 1-6
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    Family, class, and inequalities in Central and Eastern Europe : regional conference, October 28-29, 2021 : online : book of abstracts. Kaunas : Vytautas Magnus university, 2021, p. 12-13
    The impact of family socio-economic and cultural status (SES) on students' learning outcomes in Lithuania is in line with the OECD average but lower learning outcomes of students from disadvantaged family backgrounds call for a comprehensive set of initiatives to address the need for a family and education policy interfaces to compensate for these inequalities. This study investigates whether there are significant differences in the quality of the learning process between students from different SES backgrounds. The research sample was composed of 7th-10th grade students, involving 152 students and 18 their classroom teachers from four general education schools from three districts of Lithuania with a disadvantaged economic, social and cultural context. The quality of learning process was assessed in four dimensions: (1) affective engagement and behavioral engagement (Lam et al., 2014), (2) teacher support and equity (Fraser, 1998), (3) growth mindset, and (4) preparation of homework. The results show that all pupils are equally engaged in the learning process during lessons, with similar levels of affective engagement and behavioral engagement. They also feel supported by their teacher and are treated equally in a socially just way when they learn. However, both students (t = -2.525, p < 0.05) and teachers (t = -5.348, p < 0.0001) perceive that the growth mindset is less common among students who receive social assistance. The study also found that pupils receiving social assistance were more likely to report that family members were interested in their homework than those who do not receive social assistance (ꭓ2 = 6.320, p < 0.05). In summary, the quality of learning process can be an effective tool for improving the learning achievements of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, which in turn contributes to reducing their social exclusion.
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    Journal of teacher education for sustainability. Warsaw : De Gruyter
    Doctoral students’ professional identity in higher education institutions is a relevant field of research in the context of education for sustainable development. Higher education institutions face the following challenge: it is very important for the Doctoral students to develop the skills of the researcher during their studies; however, the competencies of the teacher are crucial in order to become part of the higher education institution. Thus, sustainable development of teacher’s professional identity of Doctoral students plays a meaningful role in retaining gifted young scientists at higher education institutions. The article analyzes the psychological, social and academic environmental factors that are important for identification of the teacher’s professional role during Doctoral studies. The sample of the study consisted of 494 Doctoral students from 22 higher education institutions in Lithuania. The study was conducted using Teachers’ Professional Role Identity Scale, Big Five Inventory, Social Support Questionnaire and two scales compiled to measure academic environmental factors. The results revealed that Doctoral students’ external thinking style, personality traits of extraversion and conscientiousness, perceived support of family and friends, material conditions for internships and conferences and other academic environment factors are significant for Doctoral students’ identification with the teacher’s professional role. These results have practical application for Doctoral students’ satisfaction with studies, productivity and career management. This is important for the seeking sustainable development goals of higher education.
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    Ketvirtokų anglų kalbos žodyno mokymosi pasiekimų ir motyvacijos didinimas: Quizlet įrankio reikšmė
    [Increasing fourth form students’ achievement results and motivation for learning the English vocabulary: the impact of Quizlet]
    research article
    Streckienė, Evelina
    Pedagogika : mokslo darbai = Pedagogy. Kaunas : Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas
    Straipsnyje analizuojama Quizlet įrankio reikšmė mokinių mokymosi motyvacijai bei pasiekimams mokantis anglų kalbos žodyno. Atliktas tyrimas parodė, kad naudojant Quizlet padidėjo ketvirtokų mokymosi motyvacija: padidėjo mokinių įsitraukimas ir laiko, skiriamo anglų kalbos mokymuisi, dažnis bei trukmė, mokiniai išreiškė pozityvesnį požiūrį ir emocijas Quizlet atžvilgiu, palyginti su tradiciniu mokymosi būdu. Pasiekimų rezultatams Quizlet įdiegimas esminės reikšmės neturėjo.
  • Learning is a result of brain activity, a neuro-phenomenon that can be analysed in response to a variety of research questions. This article aims at focusing on the teacher’s working scope, explaining what neurodidactic actions of the teacher contribute [...]
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    Patirtų tėvų skyrybų bei jų aplinkybių sąsaja su jaunų suaugusiųjų elgesio ir emociniais sunkumais
    [The relationship between experienced parents’ divorce and their circumstancs with young adults’ behavioral and emotional difficulties]
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    Pedagogika : mokslo darbai = Pedagogy. Kaunas: Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas, 2021, T. 141, nr. 1, p. 230-251
    Parents’ divorce is a phenomenon affecting the further psychosocial functioning of children. It is established that the divorce consequences on children are long-term: adults who have experienced parents’ divorce in childhood are characterized by poorer mental health, also they are having clearer emotional and behavioral difficulties. Researchers argue that not the divorce fact itself is the most important in assessing the consequences for children but rather the circumstances of parents’ divorce. After analysing the most detrimental divorces’ circumstances this study focuses on the child’s negative feelings, experienced during the divorce, the intensity of parents’ conflicts, the child’s involvement in conflicts, and negative changes afterwards. The aim of the study was to determine the relationship between young adults’ behavioral and emotional difficulties and parents’ divorce experienced in childhood or adolescence as well as its circumstances. The study involved 173 young adults. Behavioral and emotional difficulties are assessed by ASEBA (Adult Questionnaire). In order to assess the impact of parents’ divorce and its circumstances, a questionnaire (Viršilaitė, Bukšnytė-Marmienė, 2018) was used. The study found that the child’s negative feelings during parents’ divorce predict young adults’ aggression, rules’ braking, anxiety/depression, self-closure also emotional and behavioral difficulties in general. The intensity of parents’ conflicts during divorce predicts aggression in young adults.
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  • The sustainable school is important in today’s education system to ensure the well-being of younger generations. This research work attempted to empirically test the different predictions of a sustainable school environment for secondary school students’ engagement in learning. The following objectives were formulated: to analyse the differences of sustainable school environment and engagement in learning based on gender and SES background; to analyse the relationship between sustainable school environment variables and engagement in learning; and to examine how sustainable school environment variables could predict students’ emotional and behavioural engagement. The research sample consisted of students from three districts of Lithuania with a disadvantaged SES context. We assessed the sustainable school environment variables and students’ emotional and behavioural engagement in learning with the What Is Happening in this Class? (WIHIC) questionnaire, a short form of the Learning Climate Questionnaire (LCQ), and the Student Engagement Scale. The results showed a statistically significant difference in behavioural engagement between boys and girls. There are no differences in sustainable school environment variables and engagement in relation to SES. Teachers’ autonomy supportive behaviour perceived by students has the strongest correlation with emotional and behavioural engagement in learning. Thus, in the Lithuanian schools surveyed, a sustainable school environment is developing.
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    Darbuotojų nuostatų į pokyčius organizacijoje reikšmė darbo atlikimo kokybei
    [The impact of emplyee attitudes to change in the organization on job performance]
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    Aktualių sprendimų paieškos psichologijos moksle ir praktikoje [elektroninis išteklius]: konferencija, 2020-09-16, Kaunas: pranešimų santraukų leidinys. Kaunas: Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universiteto Leidybos namai, 2020, p. 55-55
    Paskutinis dešimtmetis verslui sudėtingas ir keliantis labai daug iššūkių. Besikeičianti ekonominė situacija, naujų technologijų vystymasis lemia ne tik didesnę konkurenciją tarp organizacijų, bet ir kitokį požiūrį bei keliamus standartus. Siekiant išlikti konkurencingomis, inovatyviomis dauguma organizacijų jaučia poreikį diegti pokyčius organizacijose, kurie leistų išplėsti veiklą, pasiekti didesnį pelną ir tapti geriausiais savo srityje. Greitai besikeičiančiame pasaulyje organizacijoms svarbu prisitaikyti prie vykstančių pokyčių, nes tik tokiu būdu organizacija išlaiko konkurencingumą, pranašumą ir sėkmingai besivystančią veiklą (Doll ir kt., 2017). Tačiau daugelis organizacijų neįvertina vykdomų pokyčių pasekmių ir reikšmės darbuotojams, kas lemia nesėkmingą pokyčių įgyvendinimą ar net visos organizacijos veiklos nutraukimą (Lewis, 2019). Pokyčiai organizacijoje dažnai yra susiję su darbuotojais, todėl esant neigiamoms darbuotojų nuostatoms į pokyčius organizacijoje atsiranda pasipriešinimas, kuris mažina darbuotojų darbo atlikimo kokybę (Susanty ir Miradipta, 2013). Organizacinių pokyčių procese svarbu išlaikyti aukštą darbuotojų darbo atlikimo kokybę, nes tai lemia visos organizacijos funkcionavimą. Dėl šių priežasčių svarbu tirti darbuotojų nuostatas į pokyčius organizacijoje ir nustatyti jų reikšmę darbuotojų darbo atlikimo kokybei. Tyrimo tikslas – nustatyti darbuotojų nuostatų į pokyčius organizacijoje reikšmę darbo atlikimo kokybei. Tyrime naudoti instrumentai: darbuotojų nuostatoms į pokyčius organizacijoje nustatyti buvo naudojama Dunham-Presenter, Grube, Gardner, Cummings, and Pierce (1989) sudarytu nuostatų pokyčių atžvilgiu klausimynu, kuriame remiamasi trikomponenčiu nuostatų modeliu. [...]