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Studies of the dynamics of the species composition and abundance of click beetles (Coleoptera: Elateridae) in different agrocenoses
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Rural development 2013 : 6th international scientific conference, 28-29 November, 2013, Akademija : proceedings. Akademija : Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Vol. 6, b. 2 (2013)
p. 142-145
Akademija : Aleksandras Stulginskis University
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The studies were carried out in four agrocenoses of different tillage intensity (intensively cultivated land, I-II year perennial grass, natural meadow and reclaimed pasture) in the vicinity of Pociūnėliai town, Radviliškis district in 2011–2012. Five pitfall traps were set out in each of agrocenosis and the traps were active from May 28th till August 15th. The traps were checked every two weeks. In the course of the study, a total of 98 adult specimens of click beetles were caught, belonging to eight species: Actinecerus sjaelandicus Mull., Agriotes lineatus L., Agriotes obscurus L., Agriotes sputator L., Agrypnus murinus L., Athous haemorrhoidalis Fabr., Hemicrepidius niger Hbst. and Oedostethus quadripustulatus F. Most of the specimens were caught by the traps in the reclaimed pasture and the smallest number of beetles was found in agrocenosis of I-II year perennial grass. Agriotes obscurus was found in all the studied agrocenoses. Actenicerus sjaelandicus and Athous haemorrhoidalis were detected only in natural meadow and were not found in any other studied agrocenosis. The activity of adult click beetles was determined to reach its peak in June – July period. The largest number of the beetles caught in the studied agrocenoses belonged to the species Agriotes obscurus and the rarest were Athous haemorrhoidalis representatives. The eudominants of all of the caught adult click beetles consisted of the following two species: Agriotes obscurus and Oedestethus quadripustulatus. The number of the adult click beetles caught in the pitfall traps decreased as the intensity of land tillage varied. Therefore, a conclusion can be drawn that the abundance of click beetles in agrocenoses is influenced by an intensity of land tillage.
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