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    Society. Health. Welfare : 8th international multidisciplinary research conference, 24-26 March, 2021 Riga, Latvia: abstracts. Riga: Rīga Stradiņš University, 2021, p. 171-171
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    Liaudanskas, Mindaugas
    Žvikas, Vaidotas
    Agrosym 2021 [elektroninis išteklius] : XII international scientific agriculture symposium, Jahorina, October 07 - 10, 2021 : book of abstracts / editor in chief Dusan Kovacevic. East Sarajevo : University of East Sarajevo, 2021, p. 330
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    Agrosym 2021 [elektroninis išteklius] : XII international scientific agriculture symposium, Jahorina, October 07 - 10, 2021 : book of abstracts / editor in chief Dusan Kovacevic. East Sarajevo : University of East Sarajevo, 2021, p. 753
    Anthropogenic disturbances of the boreal forest ecosystems are defined as important ecological processes with significant long-term influence on biogeochemical cycles and vegetation. The development of understory plants immediately after clear-cut logging was studied in Lithuanian boreal Scots pine forests. Experiments were carried out in Vacciniosa forest types. The mature forest stands and the clear-cutted areas were compared. We have determined the different response of Ericaceae shrubs Vaccinium vitis-idaea, Vaccinium myrtillus and Calluna vulgaris to changed environmental conditions after clear-cuttings. Lycopodium annotinum and Goodyera repens were defined as the most sensitive because small populations of these species disappeared in the cutted areas. Juvenile populations of L. annotinum most likely were destroyed after soil preparation for new forest planting. Mosses were damaged exceptionally strong, some species disappeared in the clear-cutted areas as well. Considerable decline of dwarf shrub layer confirmed the negative reaction of this dominated understory life form however, the dynamic of different vascular plants demonstrated species-specific response to changing environmental conditions. Because of rapid changes of light as well as damage of rhizomes by soil disturbances, the values of mean cover of the studied Ericaceae species decreased. Spread of C. vulgaris renewed through seedlings and the number of new annual and perennial light-demanding and nitrophilic herbs species was significant in both forest types in two years after cuttings. This study corroborated the importance of evaluation of understory plants before cuttings and will promote the implementation of protection of sensitive species and non-wood forest resources.
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    Research for rural development 2021 : annual 27th international scientific conference proceedings. Jelgava : Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, 2021, vol. 36, p. 194-201
    The study examines literature on remote job design possibilities from distant locations. After the remote job design concept is formed, the premises for the use of remote job design are analysed, the necessary conditions, possibilities, and employees’ willingness to work remotely are explained, summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of remote work. The quantitative research was conducted to reveal out the possibilities of remote job design in Lithuanian companies according to the areas of work in which it is possible, impossible to work remotely or possible to work flexibly. The willingness to do remote jobs was also examined, and the picture of prone to remote job employee by demographic characteristics of the respondents was drawn. The most convenient distant locations, informational and communication technologies (ICT) and addresses of indirect communication were identified. It was found that survey participants are not resistant to work remotely, and it also showed that at least partially remote job could be designed in majority of Lithuanian companies. Most of them prefer flexible mixed variation of remote and traditional work. The main difficulties were named that required high level of self-discipline, but not the lack or deficiencies in using ICT, electronic devices and designing other required conditions for remote job design.
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    E3S Web of Conferences. Actual problems of ecology and environmental management (APEEM 2021), Moscow, Russia, April 22-24, 2021. Paris : EDP Sciences, 2021, vol. 265, p. 1-14
    The problem of wastewater disposal affects not only third countries, but also world giants such as China or the United States of America. The European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States are no exception. The increasing use of organophosphate pesticides requires the search for new, more efficient and cheaper ways to dispose of their residual amounts. The existing methods of disposal of toxic waste are costly, ineffective, and environmentally hazardous. The optimal solution can be a chemical system for decontamination of wastewater directly at the place of their origin, for example, at the production of pesticide formulations and agro-industrial facilities. This article presents the results of studying the effectiveness of the chemical system for the destruction of organophosphorus compounds based on hydrogen peroxide and potassium hydroxide in relation to dimethoate. The results of the scaling of the decontamination process are presented and an installation for the technological process of wastewater disposal is proposed. The research results show a high reactivity of the system under study and a high efficiency level of the described technological process.
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