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    Biology and life sciences forum.
    Clearcutting causes significant changes in boreal forest ecosystems and has long-term effects on populations of understory plants. The aim of our study was to determine the impact of clearcutting on understory moss and vascular plant populations after clearcutting. The species diversity of particular populations in mature stands before cutting and after one year was determined. Our results corroborated changes in coverage, frequency, and prominence value of predominant Ericaceae plants. We determined the different response of Vaccinium vitis-idaea L., V. myrtillus L. and Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull. Plant species that are particularly sensitive to clearcutting have been identified. Assessing the viability of moss populations in mature forest stands and deforested areas showed that moss species are most sensitive to environmental changes after clearcutting. These investigations could justify the conservation of sensitive forest plant populations and nonwood forest resources.
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    The future of education : 11th international conference, Florence, Italy, (virtual event, 1-2 July 2021): proceedings. Florence: Filodiritto Publisher, 2021, vol. 4, iss. 1, p. 20-33
    With society's continuous progress and development, people's pursuit of life is no longer limited to the material purpose; more and more people are yearning for highquality spiritual life. Music is an essential part of the art category. The audience in the world is increasing. Music education provides a professional foundation for the spread of music. As the inheritor of music art, future music teachers, that is, music education students, shoulder the important task of laying the foundation of music and exploring the cultivation of outstanding artistic talents. At the same time, they also face the challenge of how to improve their professional quality better. In the face of national, social, and future students and other different aspects of pressure, future music teachers need to do an excellent job of self-regulation. This research will interview music education students through consulting various materials, formulates a semi-structured interview questionnaire of qualitative research. In the case of collecting the questionnaire and ensuring that the questionnaire meets the needs, this paper discusses the situation of self-regulation in the training of music students in school through qualitative analysis and puts forward some suggestions and methods of self-regulation from the aspects of system and individual.
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    The future of education : 11th international conference, Florence, Italy, (virtual event, 1-2 July 2021): proceedings. Florence: Filodiritto Publisher, 2021, vol. 4, iss. 1, p. 58-70
    Music education, as an important form of music broadcasting, provides students with excellent aesthetic experience, cultivates their sentiment, develops their creative thinking, and also inherits the excellent cultural tradition, enriches the connotation of the world music culture, and promotes interpersonal communication and emotional communication. Music educators, as the main media of music communication, have a great responsibility. With China’s rapid economic development, people’s continuous pursuit of artistic quality, music educators is facing greater challenges. Facing this in the future, they urgent need to improve their comprehensive ability. This paper studied through literature and comparative study. Through the literature method, it consults the relevant literature at home and abroad, defines and explains the relevant core concepts, defines the content of the comprehensive ability of future music educators, and summarizes the current situation of music education in China. Through the comparative research method, the development course of Chinese music education is compared, and the experience and lessons are summarized. Finally, combined with the current actual situation of music education in primary and secondary schools in China, effective suggestions and opinions were put forward on the improvement of the comprehensive ability of music education educators in the future. This paper is divided into 3 parts. The first part reviews the contents of the comprehensive abilities of music educators. The second part analyzes the development process of Chinese music education and the current challenges. The third part puts forward the future music educators to improve the comprehensive ability.
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  • research article
    Journal of life economics. Çanakkale: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, 2021, vol. 8, iss. 4, p. 533-546
    Conversational agents are becoming an essential part of a growing number of personal and commercial encounters, bringing the issue of Conversational Marketing to a broader audience. A conversational agent is a developing technology that will be used in various fields throughout life, including e-commerce. The common characteristics of any conversational agent in whatever area are their capacity to engage in one-to-one personalised real-time dialogue with a human user and their availability 24 hours a day. Scale items for conversational agent phenomena have not been created scientifically or managerially in a business environment. The primary goal of this study was to develop and validate a new scale for conversational agents that could be used to quantify individual interactions in conversational marketing. As a result, the creation of a new scale for conversational agents with the objective of measuring individual customer interactions in conversational marketing was separated into two phases: Scale Development and Scale Validation. The Conversational Agent Usage Scale was developed and validated as a consequence of pilot studies. Additionally, this article discusses the practical consequences of conversational marketing, which can now be accomplished through the use of the Conversational Agent Usage Scale, which may be used by Customer Service & Support, Marketing, and Sales departments.
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    Relationship between factors of teachers’ leadership: positive attitudes, professional activeness, and stress at school
    [Odnosi između čimbenika nastavničkog vođenja: pozitivni stavovi, profesionalne aktivnosti i stres u školi]
    research article ; ;
    Management: journal of contemporary management issues. Split : University of Split, 2021, Vol. 26, no. 2, p. 197-210
    Today, the traditional role of teachers is challenged, and teaching practice requires less time for face-to-face instruction, a unique position that does not impose responsibilities on one person (teacher or student) and creates a common teaching and learning space in which new knowledge is co-created and socially developed. This change requires teachers’ high professionalism and leadership skills, which is the key component of a successful educational process. Therefore, it is important for researchers, school principals, and teachers to understand better the predictive factors of teachers’ leadership, which should be developed, nurtured, and sustained. This study addresses the teachers’ leadership regarding their attitudes toward themselves, attitudes towards the school, teachers’ activeness, and stress experienced at school. The study involved 418 teachers from five regions in Lithuania. The findings indicate that the four analyzed factors, influencing teacher leadership are strongly interrelated. Moreover, the research results reveal determinants surrounding the factors of interest, which leads to a more complex understanding of underlying reasons and problems related to practicing teachers’ leadership at school.
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