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Voznyakovskii, A.
Voznyakovskii, A.
Auchynnikau, Y.
Liopo, V.
Eisymont, Y.
Tribotechnical characteristics of carbon-bearing lubricants
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BALTTRIB' 2017 : proceedings of IX international scientific conference, Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Kaunas, Lithuania, 16-17 November 2017, 2017, p. 73-78
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The development of technology for manufacturing nanostructured substances in amounts that could suffice an interlaboratory research is a high priority task for the implementation of nanoproducts. The ultra dispersiblis clusters of synthetic carbon are used as on extra component in polymeric materials. The substances have a high dispersibility and activity of the surface. To study properties of mineral oils, modified ultra dispersiblis clusters of synthetic carbon is of interest. The present activity is devoted to the research of the modifying influence of ultra dispersiblis clusters of synthetic carbon on viscosity of the characteristic of mineral oils and their stability at various temperatures. In the preparation of diamond secondary suspensions not only statistic average sizes of particles should be taken into consideration, but also polydispersity parameters of nanodiamond particle population too.
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