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  • Transform4Europe (T4E) is a university alliance of proven excellence in strategic collaboration. It has been awarded European funding to pursue joint strategies in education and mobility, focussing on collaboration between the universities and a wealth of non-university stakeholders from the surrounding regions in a multi-actor knowledge and innovation ecosystem. For the T4E universities, the logical next step is to capitalise on this ecosystem to transform their achievements in research and innovation. Together, the diverse actors in the T4E ecosystem can serve as powerful engines for the mutual development of innovation and performance capacities, jointly fostering both research of excellence and impact, and smarter, sustainable, competitive regions.Transform 4 European Research and Innovation (T4ERI) will devise new strategies to harness this untapped potential, with the focus mission digital and environmental transformation for smart, sustainable and inclusive regions. It will develop a joint agenda for research and innovation, a joint strategy for attracting and retaining outstanding researchers, and a joint strategy to open science to all members of the T4E ecosystem. True to the essence of the alliance, T4ERI will systematically collaborate with regional stakeholders from business and industry, culture, politics and civil society at every step of the process.
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