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    Transform 4 European Research and Innovation (T4ERI)
    Transform4Europe (T4E) is a university alliance of proven excellence in strategic collaboration. It has been awarded European funding to pursue joint strategies in education and mobility, focussing on collaboration between the universities and a wealth of non-university stakeholders from the surrounding regions in a multi-actor knowledge and innovation ecosystem. For the T4E universities, the logical next step is to capitalise on this ecosystem to transform their achievements in research and innovation. Together, the diverse actors in the T4E ecosystem can serve as powerful engines for the mutual development of innovation and performance capacities, jointly fostering both research of excellence and impact, and smarter, sustainable, competitive regions.Transform 4 European Research and Innovation (T4ERI) will devise new strategies to harness this untapped potential, with the focus mission digital and environmental transformation for smart, sustainable and inclusive regions. It will develop a joint agenda for research and innovation, a joint strategy for attracting and retaining outstanding researchers, and a joint strategy to open science to all members of the T4E ecosystem. True to the essence of the alliance, T4ERI will systematically collaborate with regional stakeholders from business and industry, culture, politics and civil society at every step of the process.
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    Solar PV on the Distribution Grid: Smart Integrated Solutions of Distributed Generation based on Solar PV, Energy Storage Devices and Active Demand Management (iDistributedPV)
    iDistributedPV´s aim is developing affordable integrated solutions to enhance the penetration of distributed solar PV (buildings) based on the effective integration of solar PV equipment, energy storage, monitoring and controlling strategies and procedures, active demand management, smart technologies and the integration of procedures in the power distribution system according to market criteria. The project will develop the concept of “prosumer”: a player that consumes and produces electricity in his facilities (solar PV). iDistributedPV will be the EU common place for enhancing the distributed solar PV: promoters, equipment manufacturers, DSOs, energy policy experts and R&D players will work together to develop affordable solutions, and produce business and management models for these solutions. The most promising solutions will be validated according to technical and economic criteria (for every solution a cost-benefit analysis will be elaborated) in five different European real distribution grids (Greece, Lithuania, Spain, Poland and Germany) considering different climatic, regulatory and technical frameworks. The validation process will be a relevant argument to convince the power stakeholders (DSOs, equipment manufacturers, energy authorities, policy makers, etc.) about the suitability of the most effective distributed solar PV solutions such as smart electricity supply. iDistributedPV will provide technical and regulatory recommendations, mainly focused on enhancing an effective and active renewable energy contribution and effective demand management to the security and reliability of the electricity networks: evolution from a power system with a centralized electricity generation to a new one that also includes production/demand units (prosumers) based on renewable energy and smart technologies.
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    EU Criminal Law and Policy
    The Jean Monnet Module “EU Criminal Law and Policy” is a three – year teaching and research module with a specialization in the EU legal studies. The target groups for this module are: (i) the fourth and the fifth year students of Integrated law study program at VMU Faculty of Law, (ii) the students of master degree program at VMU Faculty of Law, (iii) legal practitioners (higher level police officers, prosecutors and lawyers at national level). The objective of the module – to make participants (students and legal practitioners better understand the impact of criminal law of the European Union and of CJEU jurisprudence on national legislation and practical application of national criminal law in accordance with EU guidelines. To enhance understanding of Europeanization of national criminal law and to be able to use the gained knowledge in everyday legal practice. Also legal practitioners will be trained and equipped with the knowledge of the impact of European policies on national criminal law regulations and everyday law practice.The suggested module is very important both at national and international level for the following reasons: (1) it is the area, which was mostly ignored by national law practitioner, politicians; (2) in general the society has fragmented understanding about the matter and there is a need to deepen the knowledge and gain understanding about EU law from the different angle (EU as a real criminal law actor) in order to apply it properly, and be prepared for future development.