SOTER: religijos mokslo žurnalas / SOTER: Journal of Religious Science 2009, nr. 32(60)

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    Wymiana naukowa pomiędzy „Homo meditans” i „Soter”
    [Moksliniai „Homo meditans“ ir „SOTER“ mainai]
    research article
    Chmielewski, Marek
    Soter : religijos mokslo žurnalas, 2009, nr. 32(60), p. 7-13
    The scientific exchange between the Institute of Spirituality of Catholic University of John Paul II in Lublin and the Journal of Religious Science SOTER lasts for over five years. It produced 16 articles (3 in the SOTER, 12 in the “Homo meditans” and one in “Duchowość w Polsce”) as well as two qualification reviews for a doctoral degree and two for professorship. It is a pleasant occasion to strengthen the cooperation and to develop common research projects. The millennial Christian tradition in Poland and in Lithuania contains the huge heritage which requires studying and knowing, after the recovery of the full sovereignty of both nations and the entrance to the structures of European Union. Thus we will not only enrich our faith but also strengthen our Christian and national identity, both Polish and Lithuanian people.
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    Miłość, małżeństwo i rodzina w publikacjach Karola Wojtyły na łamach „Ateneum Kapłańskiego”
    [Meilė, santuoka ir šeima Karolio Wojtyłos publikacijose „Ateneum Kapłańskie“]
    research article
    Dorsz, Witold
    Soter : religijos mokslo žurnalas, 2009, nr. 32(60), p. 15-31
    “Ateneum Kapłańskie” is the oldest Polish theological magazine published since 1909 by the Seminary of Włocławek scholar environment. Karol Wojtyła belonged to the group of its faithful authors since 1950 until he was elected the Pope. For him, “Ateneum Kapłańskie” was something more than the place where his writings had been published. He felt jointly responsible for its shape and actually had influence on the subject area of some issues, which at that time significantly moulded the thinking of a considerable part of Polish priests and in a way the Church in Poland. Among Karol Wojtyła’s articles that appeared in print in “Ateneum Kapłańskie” some pieces of writings are considerably important. They are devoted to love, marriage and family. Their analysis makes it possible to trace the development of his thought as a gradual project realisation not only of philosophical and theological character, but primarily pastoral that concerns such significant human and Christian dimensions of life as marriage and family life. Karol Wojtyła’s reflection on marriage and family is rooted in his priestly experience and is a deep and original answer to the pressing pastoral and human needs of his and our time. The crux of his mental pivot as a philosopher and theologian who tries to answer the challenges put by the contemporary marital and family crisis and by the young adults’ doubts, who he had accompanied as a priest and a friend, is the anthropology of the person. According to Wojtyla, the erroneous utilitarian, empirical and subjective conception of man lies as a final dimension on the basis of contemporary marital crisis which affects not only the institution but also the sacrament of marriage. Using the philosophical notion of a human person and the theological vision of a man created in the image and likeness of God, the author of “Love and Responsibility” in a novel way portrays the size and beauty of vocation for love, the nuptial love based on selfless gift of oneself. It reaches its peak in the sacrament of matrimony and communion of persons, communio personarum. He perceived family as an irreplaceable, not only in function of procreation, but also as its personalistic and communal function, making it possible to mature human personality and create truly personal relationships. Karol Wojtyła’s writings published in “Ateneum Kapłańskie” represent the maturing certificate of remarkable and riveting project of marital and family theology, which found its culmination in “Theology of the Body” of Pope John Paul II. The project, which has opened horizons not only in philosophical and theological thinking about marriage and family, yet responding to pastoral needs allowed and still allows many people uncover the real and the deep meaning of the marriage and the family. Such people strive to realise Karol Wojtyła’s vision and to live up to his ideals.
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    „Paedagogia Christiana” – chrześcijańskie inspiracje i tradycje wychowawcze w dialogu ze współczesnością
    [„Paedagogia christiana“ – krikščioniškos ugdymo inspiracijos ir tradicijos dialoge su dabartimi]
    research article
    Horowski, Jarosław
    Soter : religijos mokslo žurnalas, 2009, nr. 32(60), p. 33-48
    “Paedagogia Christiana” is a Polish academic journal that focuses on education, especially on religious education. It has been published at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun since 1997. The founder and chief editor of “Paedagogia Christiana” is professor Jerzy Bagrowicz. Each volume contains about fifteen articles together with the reports of scientific conferences and book reviews. The article is divided into five parts presenting the main topics of the articles published in “Paedagogia Christiana”. The periodical indicates that religious education is very important not only from religious but also from humanistic perspective. It is an implication of the fact, that each person asks religious questions and develops in a religious sphere. This problem is the subject of the first part. In the next parts the author presents the roots of religious education described in the articles, the elements of socio-cultural context important for the contemporary religious education, and how the authors of the articles analyzed the role of family in religious education. One of the parts shows that “Paedagogia Christiana” serves as a forum for presentation of educational activity of religious institutions, especially schools and orphanages.
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    Zagadnienia teologiczne w czasopiśmie „Teologia i człowiek”
    [Teologijos mokslų problematika žurnale „Teologia i człowiek“]
    research article
    Konecki, Krzysztof
    Soter : religijos mokslo žurnalas, 2009, nr. 32(60), p. 49-62
    The scientific journal “Teologia i człowiek” (Theology and human person) is published at Theology faculty of Nicolaus Copernicus university in Torun. From the very beginning, the scientific editor is Rev. prof. habil. dr. Krzysztof Konecki. The first volume appeared in 2003. The publication has a special structure. Every volume opens with the editor’s word. The reader is presented with the contents of the volume. The majority of the articles are Catholic; 60 % of the authors are the scientists of Torun University. The other authors are from different Polish universities and foreign countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Ukraine. Polish authors also write in foreign languages. The chapter “Ekumenia” of the journal is worth mentioning, where you can find the latest news about ecumenism in Poland and all over the world. Each volume closes with the materials and reviews of Polish and international conferences. The latest publications are also announced. The editorial board of “Teologia i człowiek” consists of renowned Polish scientists, representing different branches in theology. All the volumes of the journal are interdisciplinary. The rubrics of the “Teologia i człowiek” are: philosophy, biblical studies, dogmatic and fundamental theology; moral theology, liturgical theology; pedagogy and catechesis, homiletics, Christian spirituality, Canon law, the documents of the Apostolic See. The articles touch different aspects of modern theology. The contents of the journal corresponds to its title: the publications answer the challenges of the Church, the topics of the articles relate to the problems between God and man.
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    Religijos mokslo leidinio „SOTER“ straipsniai katalikiška muzikine tematika (1999 m. – 2009 m. vid.)
    [Articles on catholic music in a religious scientific journal “SOTER” (1999–2009)]
    research article
    Kšanienė, Daiva
    Soter : religijos mokslo žurnalas, 2009, nr. 32(60), p. 63-74
    Straipsnyje analizuojami nuo 1999 m. iki 2009 m. vidurio leidinyje SOTER atspausdinti darbai katalikiška muzikine tematika. Aptariama ir vertinama įvairi šiuose darbuose tiriama religinė muzikinė problematika: etnomuzikologinė, giesmynų ir giedojimo tradicija, muzikinė kūryba, kompozitorių pasaulėjautos ir kūrybos sąsajos, lietuvių išeivių muzikinė veikla, Klaipėdos krašto katalikiška muzika ir kt.
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