Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods 2011, nr. 8(2)

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  2. Informacija apie Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Information about Social Work. Experience and Methods 2011, nr. 8(2)


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    Virtuous social work and critical thinking
    [Dorinis socialinis darbas ir kritinis mąstymas]
    research article
    Jones, Sue
    Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods, 2011, no. 8(2), p. 11-22
    The work journeys from an historical perspective of the philanthropists to current day ideas of emancipation and human rights leading to the need for socialworkers to adopt a more critical approach to their practice. The author poses some ideas of criticality and virtue ethics to underpin contemporary practice and shield social work professionals in their everyday work by developing along a critical questions scaffold and through using the lexicon of virtue ethics.
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    Tarptautinė socialinio darbo praktika Jungtinėje Karalystėje
    [International social work practice in United Kingdom]
    research article
    Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods, 2011, no. 8(2), p. 163-171
    The experience gained during organizing international social work practice reveal that international practice is one of the ways to improve social work education quality. International social work practice associated with new opportunities and methods, which expressly enhance students’ skills, competencies as professional social worker. Emancipatory services for the disabled people in United Kingdom help the clients to become more self-confident. Social services must be explained and created by social workers using understanding that disabled people are citizens with their opinion, experiences and ability to make their own decisions. The main pillars of emancipatory services are: citizenship, self-assessment, self-management and participation. Organization “Bromley Mytime” by being active and inclusive uses a real benefit method for people with disabilities. International experience could become a new method for the development of social services in Lithuania, or there simply could be born a new project that will be adapted in a particular city. During international social work practice I revealed for myself, that people with disabilities have strong rituals and are warm, open and caring. Before moving to the international social work practice in United Kingdom I as a social worker recognized that I am not able to work with disabled people. I felt fear and was not self-reliant. Departure for me as a social worker has helped not only to gain international social work experience, but also helped to overcome the personal fears, and stereotypes, as well as to see and feel an international social work practice in United Kingdom.
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    Efektyvus socialinių ir emocinių kompetencijų skatinimo būdas vaikų darželyje – prevencinė programa „Lubo iš kosmoso“
    [Effective method of promoting social and emotional competences in kindergarten using preventive program “Lubo from Outer Space”]
    research article
    Malinauskaitė, Aušra
    Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods, 2011, no. 8(2), p. 73-88
    Emocinės kompetencijos suteikia pagrindą tinkamam socialiniam elgesiui vystytis, tad svarbu šiuos įgūdžius skatinti jų raidos pradžioje – iki mokyklinio amžiaus.Efektyvi priemonė, užkertanti kelią elgesio sutrikimams, yra prevencinė programa „Lubo iš Kosmoso!“, ugdanti ikimokyklinio amžiaus vaikų socialines ir emocines kompetencijas. Straipsnyje pristatoma šios prevencinės programos metodinė struktūra, palengvinanti vaikų darželio auklėtojų ar socialinių darbuotojų darbą.
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    Bendradarbiavimas organizuojant kvalifikacinę socialinio darbo praktiką : studentiška patirtis
    [Cooperation in student’s field practice organization: students’ experience]
    research article; ; ; ;
    Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods, 2011, no. 8(2), p. 211-224
    Social work is one of the young professions, which is still vague for many members of Lithuanian society. Some people deny necessity of social work; others associate social work with the maintenance of the poorest group of the society. People usually think that any ‘good’ person, who has never studied social work, can work as a social worker. Alas, it is not true. In order to become a professional social worker, a person must have not only theoretical knowledge, but practical training as well, which students gain during social work practice in agencies providing social services. Practice is a social activity in which students gain practical experience applying theoretical skills acquired at the university. According to Eidukevičiūtė (2009), during the learning process for a future professional it is important to gain practical knowledge, which is discussed, conceptualized and modified in an unexpected, always atypical client’s situation. Theoretical and practical knowledge integration is one of the biggest challenges in the process of practice. The aim of the research was to investigate students’ opinion about social work practice organization, while emphasizing importance of collaboration. Quantitative research method was used. Questionnaire (written quiz), which was sent by email to social work students, was used. 29 respondents (students of VMU) participated in the survey, 7 of them were men and 22 – women; 4 of 29 were part-time students. The results of the research have revealed that students evaluate practice process and collaboration with professionals, working in field placements, more professionally when they already do not work in social service agencies and can assess the obtained knowledge, skills and experience more objectively. [...]
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