Career and Professional Counselling

Area of studies: Social Sciences
Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Mode of Studies: Full-time
Length of Programme: 4 academic years (240 ECTS)
Name of Qualification: Bachelor in Andragogy; Teacher

Access Requirements

Minimum education: Secondary

Programme Objectives and Competencies Acquired

The study programme is intended to educate and train the specialists for education and training with their abilities to implement the following functions:

  • To designate the learning needs of individuals in all age groups, organizations and communities;
  • To ascertain the career possibilities of learners and employees by evaluating their potential in labor market;
  • To collect and analyze data for personnel management and education;
  • To prepare and implement the formal and informal educational plans, and programmes for individuals in all age groups, communities, organizations and schools;
  • To prepare, coordinate and implement educational projects;
  • To prepare the career plans for learners and employees by helping them to implement it;
  • To participate in organizational learning;
  • To coordinate the offering of educational services for enterprises, organizations and individuals;
  • To counsel individuals, various types‘ organizations concerning personnel learning;
  • To educate the subjects in social sciences at secondary and professional schools;
  • To evaluate the educational quality in organizations and communities.

After completed study programme students will be able:

  • To determine the learning and teaching needs in various working and learning environments and to organize teaching and learning with the respect to diversity of cultural and value attitudes;
  • To determine the needs for personnel teaching and learning in variety of organizational types;
  • To plan and coordinate the preparation and implementation of teaching and learning programmes according to needs of groups, communities and organizations;
  • To prepare the plans for education of individuals, groups, communities and organizations by evaluating contexts of social, economic, market and educational systems;
  • To prepare career plans for individuals, groups and organizations;
  • To prepare, perform and coordinate educational projects;
  • To prepare, implement, coordinate and evaluate educational programmes for various age groups, communities and organizations by assessing learning and career needs;
  • To prepare strategies for educational service advertisement and tools for its presentation in market;
  • To prepare teaching and learning programmes of subjects in social sciences;
  • To organize teaching and learning of individuals, groups, communities and organizations;
  • To select and apply innovative teaching methods for individual, group, community and organizational learning;
  • To apply effective and innovative methods for evaluation of teaching and learning outcomes;
  • To counsel variety types of organizations and institutions concerning personnel teaching and organizational learning;
  • To evaluate possibilities of individual career development according to acquired qualification and competencies;
  • To evaluate the influence of changes in labour market and activity system on individual career planning;
  • To assess the organization and performance quality of educational activities for individuals, communities and organizations.

Description of Practice

The study programme provides the practice with the volume of 32 ECTS and it is divided into four practices such as cognitive, subject and two pedagogical practices.

In practices students are acquainted with the workplaces and have possibilities to perform various roles and functions of andragogues, i.e. specialists in career and professional counselling. Students have opportunities to learn from practice what creates premises to make decisions prospectively concerning their career direction and area of empirical research. In pedagogical practices students perform activities in teaching, career and professional counselling at secondary and professional schools, colleges / universities of applied sciences, and educational institutions / organizations for adults. Students get the purposive practical assignments that are related to teacher‘s activity and establish prerequisites to acquire competencies for planning, implementation, evaluation in teaching / learning, career and professional counselling.

In practices students familiarize with various types organizations and have opportunities to identify the roles and functions of andragogues, who have acquired teacher‘s qualification with orientation to teaching / learning, professional development, research on learning needs and career counselling of individuals and organizations.

Career Opportunities

The BA programme in “Career and Professional Counselling” provides three general areas for graduates:

  1. Management of formal and informal education in various educational institutions such as secondary and professional schools, higher education institutions, and institutions for adult learning. The general activity areas are the following: determination of educational services, marketing of educational services, planning of educational services’ provision, organization of education, professional counselling.
  2. Human resource development in enterprises, institutions in personnel management and counselling, public institutions, NGO‘s. The general activity areas are the following: analysis and planning of human resource development, preparation of personnel learning / teaching plans, organization of personnel teaching / learning, quality evaluation / assessment, organization of evaluation of formally and informally acquired competencies, management of records and data bases of personnel competencies and qualifications, counselling of employees concerning learning and professional development.
  3. Professional counselling and career planning of individuals at educational institutions, enterprises, public institutions, NGO‘s. The general activity areas are the following: analysis of individual career potentiality and opportunities by evaluating their human capital, situation in organization and labor market, preparation of career plans and active help for individuals by striving to implement these plans.
  4. Teaching / education at secondary and professional / vocational schools, and educational institutions for adults. The general activity areas are the following: preparation and implementation of educational plans, teaching, evaluations / assessment of teaching / learning achievements, teaching / learning monitorins, and learning counselling.

The BA programme in “Career and Professional Counselling” provides the following study opportunities in MA level:

  1. Education and training (Educational management, Career designing, Management of vocational education and training, Educational quality management);
  2. Sociology (Educational sociology, Sociology of professions, Work sociology, Social anthropology, Studies of subcultures);
  3. Management (Human resource management and development);
  4. Psychology (Organizational psychology, School psychology).

Form of Final Evaluation

BA studies in ‚Career and Professional Counselling’ are finalized with the preparation and defence of the following two Final study Works (Projects) such as Final Course Work and Qualification Project. 


Titles of study subjects



General study part (C1)


Study subjects in social sciences


Professional language of education

01.EDU 1003


Social relations

02.SOC 1001


Psychology of personality

03.PSI 1002


Social psychology

04.PSI 2001


Social research methods

05.SOC 2001


Total amount of credits in group:



Study subjects of study branch


Basics for career education

06.EDU 2009


Philosophy of education

07.EDU 1011


Learning theories and strategies

08.EDU 1012


Education and socialization

09.EDU 2001


Basics of education management

10.EDU 2007


Learning organization

11.EDU 2021


Information technologies in education

12.EDU 3017


Educational systems and career

13.EDU 3021


Total amount of credits in group:



Special study part (C2)


Basics of professional counselling

14.EDU 4021


Basics of andragogy

15.EDU 3016


Marketing of educational services

16.EDU 3007


Research paper

17.EDU 4002


Group learning theory and methodology

18.EDU 4013


Planning and organisation of learning

19.EDU 4012


Project development and management

20.EDU 4004


Research of learning needs

21.EDU 3026


Career research methodology

22.EDU 3018


Labour market and career

23.EDU 3019


Political and legal regulation of education

24.EDU 4019


Psychosocial development of personality and career

25.EDU 3022


Quality assurance in education

26.EDU 4014


Adult education services

27.EDU 3023


Supervision in counselling

28.EDU 3024


Intercultural counselling and career

29.EDU 4022


Policy of vocational training and education

30.EDU 4023


Total amount of credits in group:



Final study works (C3)


Final project

31.EDU 4017


Bachelor final thesis



Total amount of credits in group:



Practices (C4)


Introductory practice

32.EDU 1005


Subject practice

33.EDU 3025


Pedagogical practice 1

34.EDU 2015


Pedagogical practice 2

35.EDU 4025


Total amount of credits in group: