The main goal of the LLP / Erasmus programme is to strengthen European collaboration in higher education and contribute in this way to the improvement in the quality of human resources in all countries participating in the programme. This programme provides great opportunities for international collaborations of the academic staff, promotes the development and preparation of both current and new study programmes, organisation of intensive study programmes, theme networks, etc.

The Teacher Selection Procedure

In accordance with the VMU Rector’s Ordinance No. 284 dated May 25, 2012, “On the approval of the description of the LLP / Erasmus Staff Selection procedure”, decentralised and centralised selections of the lecturers are held. Read the ordinance.

List of LLP / Erasmus partners. The contacts of VMU’s higher education partners can be provided by heads of departments, LLP / Erasmus coordinators, the VMU International Office.

Decentralised selection (at faculties):

Teacher selection takes place at the faculties. The LLP / Erasmus teaching staff mobility selection is organised by selection commissions which are assembled by faculty deans and must include the LLP / Erasmus Coordinator at the faculty and a representative of the International Office. The teacher selection is held in accordance with the teaching programme.

Higher selection priority is given to:

  • candidates who teach (or consult) in the English language at VMU;
  • candidates who have been on an LLP / Erasmus teaching visit as Zero Grant lecturers;
  • candidates who will discuss LLP / Erasmus student internship opportunities at the accepting higher education institution or its partner company/organisation during their visit
  • candidates who will upload lecture resources or lectures online (on FirstClass, Moodle VMA, etc.)
  • visits which are used to prepare new teaching material or joint programme;
  • visits which are used to improve and expand department/faculty relations and prepare future collaboration projects;
  • candidates who are taking part in the LLP / Erasmus exchange programme for the first time

Teaching Staff Selection by Foreign Companies / Organisations:

Faculties are provided the opportunity to invite employees of foreign companies or organisations for teaching visits. The number of the visits by a company’s or an organisation’s employees is coordinated with the International Office. The selection is held in accordance with the proposed teaching programme. The competition for teaching continues until 1 March, the selection is held after receiving an application (teaching programme) by the company’s representative. Company employees’ visits are approved by a verdict made in a meeting of the Dean’s office and basing it on the proposed teaching programme.

Centralised selection:

Teacher selection is carried out by the selection commission which is assembled by the order of the Rector. The commission is gathered after receiving the teacher’s application (teaching programme) but not more frequently than once a month, from September to March. The commission’s meetings are held within the period of the first seven days of the month. The competition continues until 1 March, at which point, if not all allocated study places are taken and if it is viable financially, the study places are re-allocated for the faculties.

The selection is performed according to the teaching programme which has been approved by the faculty dean or head of a university centre and a representative of the accepting institution. Applications are accepted until the last day of every month.

Teaching programme form

  • Download

Under the verdict of the commission, funding is allocated for the following types of visits:

  • teaching and preparation of joint programmes;
  • teaching intensive courses;
  • one-time lecturer exchange;
  • other activities which are not indicated here but would significantly contribute to the development of the faculty’s and/or VMU’s internationalism.

For lecturers chosen to teach under the LLP / Erasmus programme

Funding of the teaching visit

The funding of the teaching visit is determined in accordance with the Rector’s Ordinance No. 410 dated August 24, 2011, “On the approval of the description of the LLP / Erasmus Teaching and Learning Visits Selection process”.

Advice for the lecturers:

1. Avoid travel agencies

We do not recommend using the services of travel agencies while organising a trip or ordering a hotel room (due to the mark-up). Instead we suggest you use such websites as,,, etc. If you manage to find cheap travel tickets and or a place to stay (i.e. the guest house at the welcoming higher education institution, etc.), you can plan for a longer teaching period.

2. Coordinate with the accepting higher education institution:

  • the date and duration of your stay. If possible, consult the ticket prices of the trip that day;
  • the teaching programme, which has to be affirmed by the signatures of the accepting institution’s and VMU’s representatives. The original or the scanned or faxed copy of this document has to be handed to the VMU International Office. The original document must be presented after the visit. Teaching programme form (Download).

3. After making arrangements for the date of the trip, fill in the following:

  • business trip request for the Rector (form available on the website of the International Office). The request has to be validated by the head of the department (if the department head is taking the trip, validation has to be done by the Vice-Dean or Dean). The filled-in form has to be presented to the VMU International Office. You can buy the tickets for the trip on the same day when you are presenting the request.
    Request form (Download).
    Request form (department head is taking the trip) (Download)
  • personal data form (filled in online).

4. If you are not insured we suggest to:

  • get privately insured;
  • acquire the European Health Insurance Card. This card is issued for free. You can get it at the Kaunas District Health Insurance Fund (Aukštaičių St 10, phone: +370 37 20 88 46). More detailed information can be found online. Those who already have the card are advised to check its expiry date.

5. Don’t forget the souvenirs!

Just before leaving on an LLP / Erasmus teaching visit, come to the VMU International Office and take souvenirs as well as an information package. You will also sign a financial agreement with VMU regarding allocation of funds for the business trip.

6. Documents for the Office of Finance

After returning from the trip, take the business trip slip from the office and, in three days, present the following documents, which you must collect during the trip as a confirmation of the travel and accommodation expenses, to the Office of Finance: hotel bills, boarding passes, local transport tickets (i.e. trip from the airport to the hotel), etc.

7. Documents for the International Office

Do not forget to present the following to the International Office in three days after the visit:

  • the official confirmation letter signed by a representative of the foreign higher education institution, which would indicate the days and hours of teaching done at the institution and confirm that this business trip was organised in accordance with the LLP / Erasmus programme.
  • Confirmation letter form (Download)
  • the original document of the teaching programme, if the copy of the teaching programme was presented before the visit
  • the teaching visit report (filled-in online).

More Information

More information can be requested at the VMU International Office:
Konstantinas Kurževas
Programme Coordinator
S. Daukanto St 27, Room 308
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Phone (+370 37) 327 987 (internal phone 3017 )
Fax (+370 37) 327 989