The main goal of the LLP / Erasmus programme is to improve European collaborations in the field of higher education and contribute in such a way to the improvement in the quality of human resources in all countries participating in the programme.

The Administrative Staff Selection Procedure

In accordance with the VMU Rector’s Ordinance No. 284 dated May 25, 2012, “On the approval of the description of the LLP / Erasmus Staff Selection procedure”, the right to apply for the LLP / Erasmus training visits abroad is available to all members of the VMU administrative staff who are citizens of an EU member state or another country participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme as well as individuals registered in the Republic of Lithuania as refugees, persons without citizenship or those who have permanent residence permits to live in Lithuania. The selection commissions assure equal opportunities to all lecturers and administration employees who are participating in the selection.
The selection is performed by the selection commission assembled by the Rector. The lists of the accepted lecturers and administration employees are published by the VMU International Office on its Internet website and bulletin board. All participating administrative staff members are informed about the results by by e-mail.

The selection is conducted in accordance with the work or training programme.

Selection Priority

Higher priority is given to:

  • candidates who are taking part in the LLP / Erasmus administrative staff exchange programme for the first time
  • candidates who have been on an LLP / Erasmus training visit as Zero Grant lecturers
  • candidates who will discuss LLP / Erasmus student internship opportunities at the accepting higher education institution or its partner company/organisation during their visit
  • candidates who have greater work experience at VMU
  • candidates who already have permission for an employee to be accepted for a training visit in an institution
  • which are used to strengthen and expand relations between divisions and future collaboration projects are prepared.

The activities conducted by the administrative staff at VMU and the activities they plan to conduct at the foreign higher education institution or a company/organisation have to match.

Duration of the training visit – not shorter than 5 full working days (not including 2 days of the trip). If documents are presented which confirm that highly qualified specialists cannot stay off work for even a single week, the internship visit may be shorter.

LLP / Erasmus internship places for administrative staff

Administrative staff is invited to take internship at organisations in the countries of the European Union (as well as Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, Turkey or Croatia), in accordance with the activity profile of the arriving employee:

  • at Vytautas Magnus University&rsquos partner higher education institution participating in the LLP / Erasmus programme
  • at a company or organisation.

List of LLP / Erasmus partners. The contacts of the higher education institutions which are partners of VMU can be provided by the heads of departments, LLP / Erasmus coordinators and the International Office.

Economic sector classification for the internship programme (Download).

For Selected Employees

Funding of training visits

The funding and payments for the visits are determined by the Rector&rsquos Ordinance No. 410 dated 24 August 2012 “On confirmation of the process of selection for LLP / Erasmus teaching and training visits”.

Advice to employees

1. Avoid travel agencies

When planning the trip or ordering the hotel, it is not recommended to use the services of travel agencies due to the added markup. We suggest using websites such as,,, etc. If you manage to buy reasonably priced travel tickets and/or an overnight stay, you can plan for a longer learning visit.

2. Things to plan with accepting institution

Plan the following together with the accepting higher education institution, company or organisation:

  • the date and duration of the business trip. If possible, take into account the trip&rsquos ticket prices on that day
  • the training / work programme. The coordinated training programme (i.e. approved with the signatures of the accepting higher education institution, company or organisation and a representative of VMU), that is, the original document or its scanned or faxed copy, has to be presented to the International Office. Remember that the original training programme must be presented after the visit.
    The training / work programme.

3. After you arrange your trip date

After making arrangements for the date of the trip, fill in the following:

  • Business trip request for the Rector. The request has to be validated by the head of the department (if the department head is taking the trip, validation has to be done by the Vice-Dean) The date of the presentation of the filled-in form to the VMU International Office must not be later than the date when the tickets were purchased.
    Business trip request form
  • Personal data form (filled in online)

4. Travel insurance

If you are not insured we suggest to:

  • get privately insured
  • acquire the European Health Insurance Card. This card is issued for free. You can get it at the Kaunas District Health Insurance Fund (Auk&scarontaičių St 10, phone: +370 37 20 88 46). More detailed information can be found online. Those who already have the card are advised to check its expiry date.

5. Don’t forget the souvenirs!

Just before leaving on an LLP / Erasmus training visit, come to the VMU International Office and take souvenirs as well as an information package dedicated for the introduction of the university at the partner higher education institution, company or an organisation. You will also sign a financial agreement with VMU regarding allocation of funds for the business trip.

6. After returning: documents for the Office of Finance

After returning from the trip, take the business trip slip from the office and, in three days, present the following documents, which you must collect during the trip as a confirmation of the travel and accommodation expenses, to the Office of Finance: hotel bills, boarding passes, local transport tickets (i.e. trip from the airport to the hotel), etc.

7. After returning: documents fot the International Office

Do not forget to visit the International Office in three working days after the visit and present the following:

  • the official confirmation letter signed by a representative of the foreign higher education institution, which would indicate how many days the training visit took at the institution and confirm that this business trip was organised in accordance with the LLP / Erasmus programme.
  • Confirmation letter form (Download). This is just an example. The accepting higher education institution, company or organisation may use their own form of this document.
  • the original document of the training programme, if the copy of the training programme was presented before the visit
  • the training visit report.

More information

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