Workshop in Latvia to Focus on Dynamic Thoughts


Students, professionals and enthusiasts of communication, marketing and advertising are invited to participate in the Workshop of Dynamic Thoughts, which will take place at Kalnciema school, 40 km from Riga, Latvia, on 5-7 June.

The international workshop is an opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world. In an informal environment, participants will be able to discuss hot topics with the grand masters of communication:

  • Film producer (Dream Team, Rudolfa Mantojums, Rigas Sargi) Andrejs Ekis will help open your mind to new ideas.
  • Fashion designer Gints Bude will explain how to become convincingly stylish.
  • Stand-up artist Arstarulsmirus will share the ability to smile.
  • Mountaineer Juris Ulmanis will talk about shaping a team and yourself in modern, extreme, but everyday conditions.
  • Lecturer from Germany, Muhamed Akdag, will examine how communication has changed in the East and the West after the Charlie Hebdo tragedy.
  • Vice president of Journalist and Writer union of Turkey, Kemal Usak, will talk about five common mistakes while writing a story.
  • National Armed Forces’ officer of the press, Normunds Stafeckis, will present the latest strategies and tactics in the current war of communication.
  • The director of advertising company DDB Andris Rubins will ask what kind of communication campaigns the world is ready to love.
  • Arnis Lapiņš from P.R.A.E. Public Relations will reveal what kind of employees the big PR companies are looking for. The workshoppers will be able to participate in a CV game.
  • Skyrunner Martins Zvidrins will invite the participants to look for the limit of their possibilities.
  • Head of PRO-X dance studio Ieva Biteniece will explain how a penguin can turn into a swan. Practical exercises and morning gymnastics led by Ieva.
  • Author of the Happy Whispers blog Liga Andzane on the role of positive thoughts.

Together with colleagues, students will be able to make real PR and communication campaigns for companies and present them to an international jury. They will participate in team-building with the National Armed Forces and will have a chance to get the commander’s prize.

Also included in the programme is a contest, the Fast Recipes for Dummies, as well as basketball and gymnastics with motion professionals. Songs by the camp fire with Andris Kivics, a party with DJ Karlis, surprises, prizes and gifts are also promised.



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