Why VMU: Great Reputation and Affordability


An intern from Hong Kong currently working at VMU interviewed a number of international full-time students and asked them to explain the reasons for choosing studies at Vytautas Magnus University. This series of articles, “Why VMU?”, presents their thoughts.

Ashill Jose is a student from India who has just finished his freshman year in fashion design at Vytautas Magnus University. He first decided to apply for studies at VMU because of its good reputation and the affordability of the tuition fee. He explained, “VMU has a good reputation in Lithuania and a good position in the top universities’ list. So all these factors and the affordability to study made me choose VMU.”

Because of the international and intercultural environment at the university, Ashill has some contradictory opinions about his experience at VMU. As an international student, he has encountered quite a lot of culture shocks. To cite an example, the nightlife here is extremely different from what he experienced back home. “Here it’s more liberal and open, whereas I have experienced more conservative and different nightlife”, he said. At the same time, Ashill is glad to have had the chance to meet students from different countries and backgrounds. All these experiences have resulted in a very interesting freshman year for this new college student, whose favourite thing about VMU is its international environment. He believes that this atmosphere helps students to be open minded and have a better understanding of the world.

Ashill is also a keen supporter of the liberal arts education provided by VMU. “Liberal arts education has given me an opportunity to learn different and interesting topics, aside from my specialty. I believe that it gives people broad knowledge about everything”, the student elaborated. His studies at VMU have also proven useful not just in terms of provided knowledge but also in the development of personal qualities, such as self-discipline. “The most important thing is to make a good plan, a layout of what you do, let it be anything, and stick with the plan, with discipline”, the visitor from India said.

Talking about his dream, the sophomore student is eager to be really good in his specialty and to contribute as much as possible to the society. He believes that all the education and experience he has gained at VMU have boosted his knowledge and skills and will contribute to his future success. After the freshman year, he is looking forward to the new things that he will learn and experience in the coming semester.


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