Why VMU: Constant Development and Freedom


An intern from Hong Kong currently working at VMU interviewed a number of international full-time students and asked them to explain the reasons for choosing studies at Vytautas Magnus University. This series of articles, “Why VMU?”, presents their thoughts.

Vladyslav Mykyteichuk is a third-year student from Ukraine, who is majoring in International Politics and Development at VMU. Due to the advice of a friend, he decided to apply for the study program at VMU. “I decided to choose VMU because my friend got his bachelor degree here and recommended this university to me. I heard a lot of stories about his experience of studies at VMU. That’s the reason why I was really excited to try it, because education in Lithuania is different than in Ukraine”, Vladysav explained. He elaborated further that, in his opinion, the main problem of higher education in Ukraine is its quality. “The most prestigious universities or other higher educational establishments have low indices in the world ranking system. The reason is not only imperfect accreditation and licensing, but also corruption, outdated resource base, lack of impartial external assessment of students’ knowledge by independent institutions, and the low academic motivation of students.” This is also another reason why this Ukrainian would like to study in Lithuania instead of staying in his home country.

Vlad says that studying at VMU was the right decision to make and he appreciates the international environment here. After going on Erasmus studies in Poland and then continuing here in Lithuania, he realized how much he enjoyed making friends from all over the world. There are endless possibilities  for students to meet people from different countries, discover their traditions, language, the way of thinking and living. The third year student believes that this experience is very crucial because it helps to improve students’ communication skills.

The quality of education is another highlight of VMU. “Teachers and students here are very open-minded, hospitable and friendly. They understand the problems and needs of students. Lectures are very interesting and useful. Also, I really like the Moodle online platform for studying. You can get access to the studying materials at any time”, Vladyslav said, elaborating that all the professors and learning materials that he received helps his learning. 

Moreover, the education at VMU allows the student to constantly develop and improve by having the freedom to learn anything. One of the most important features here is that you can improve yourself in fields that are not related to your study programme. “For instance, I study International Politics and Development, but I had a chance to take the introductory course of Astronomy. That was cool”, Vlad asserted. Students at VMU can take different classes and learn things from various fields that they are interested in, which benefits their academic learning.

Vlad is really grateful that he could study at VMU, as he has all these experiences with international friends and learning. He is looking forward to his remaining two years of his study.


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