VMU Will Hold International Seminar About the European Union


On April 18, Monday, the VMU Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy and the Sorbonne Nouvelle University (Paris) are organizing an international seminar-roundtable discussion, "European Union = Europe?".

The participants of the seminar, which will be carried out in English and French, will discuss the borders of Europe and the European Union, tackle the issue of the centre of Europe and the EU. Other topics of the seminar will include the locations of Lithuania and France, as well as the influence that their place in Europe and the EU has on their politics and relations they have with each other.

In their presentations (up to 10 minutes), the students are encouraged to look at the topics of the seminar-roundtable discussion through geographical, political and symbolic dimensions.

Abstracts (up to 100 words) should be sent to l.marcinkute@pmdf.vdu.lt until March 14. More information on the seminar can also be requested on the same e-mail address. The number of participants of the seminar is limited.

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