VMU to Open an Office in Vilnius


On March 17, the Vytautas Magnus University Council has approved the establishment of a new office in Vilnius. The VMU representative office in Vilnius will be opened in the apartment given to VMU as a present by the university’s sponsor Francoise Puzyna-Mockūnas.

Almost 130 sq. m in area, the apartment at Žygimantų street 5A-6 was given away to VMU by the widow of prominent Lithuanian Diaspora figure Liūtas Mockūnas, Francoise Puzyna-Mockūnas, upon the condition that the apartment would be used for the administration of academic activities, such as scientific conferences, seminars, consultations and projects.

"First and foremost, we value this gift not as material possesion but as spiritual position, unselfish determination to contribute to the recognition and development of the university’s activities. Only a noble-minded person can comprehend the perfection of this gift. Everyone who knows Ms. Francoise Puzyna-Mockūnas has no shadow of doubt that she is a noble and honourable person", said the VMU Rector Prof. Zigmas Lydeka. Expressing heartfelt thanks in the name of the VMU community, the Rector ensured that the gift encourages us all to be idealistic and noble in our everyday lives.

In accordance with Article 17 of the Vytautas Magnus University Statute, the university will manage, use and handle the received property – which has an estimated market worth of more than a million Lt (about 290,000 €) – only in agreement with the regulations determined by the VMU Council.

According to the VMU Rector Prof. Zigmas Lydeka, who has signed the agreement, it has granted him all the necessary authority without contradicting the imperative norms of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, documents of the establishment of legal entity, the principles of rationality and honesty, in order to make all the necessary decisions, permissions needed for the signing of the agreement were received.

In late September of 2010, Vytautas Magnus University and Francoise Puzyna-Mockūnas have signed the regulations for the awarding of scholarships. The regulations declare that a competition offering internships in the USA for VMU students and researchers would begin annually, on September 30 – the birthday of Lithuanian emigrant journalist, literature and culture researcher, member of the "Santara-Šviesa" federation, longtime editor of "Akiračiai" Liūtas Mockūnas. In January 2011, four VMU students and a lecturer went on internship to the Lithuanian Research Studies Center in Chicago as part of this memorial scholarship programme.

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