VMU to Host Workshop on Enterprise Resource Planning


VMU Faculty of Informatics in collaboration with Reutlingen University, University of Latvia, and other partners will host an academic industry workshop and seminar (intensive course) entitled “Developing ERP competence in education, research, and work”.

The workshop on ERP standard systems will take place at VMU Small Hall (S. Daukanto 28) on 30 September, while the intensive course on using SAP software will be held at VMU Faculty of Informatics (Vileikos 8) on 1-2 October. The deadline for registration to the workshop and the intensive course is 12 a.m., September 28.

The registration process is by email, based on “first come, first serve” rule. Send email with your name & affiliation to vvfomin@gmail.com. Subject lines, for the workshop and the course respectively, are: “Registration for ERP workshop, September 30” and “Registration for SAP course, October 1”.

The event will bring together academic and industrial partners to discuss the usage of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in the regional Baltic market and globally. An important goal of the event is to discuss the needs for education to form the right ERP-related knowledge and skills of students to become competitive in the job market, and to have basic academic knowledge of methods and facts for teaching the ERP topic.

Seminar speakers include researchers, lecturers, SAP consultants from Finland, Germany, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Event details

Seminar flyer

This project of the Baltic-German University Liaison Office is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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