VMU to Host Summer University on Supervision


On 19–23 August, VMU, the Association of Supervisors in Lithuania and ANSE will organise Supervision Summer University on “Trust”: Building Trust Through Supervision.

Supervision serves to assure and further develop the quality of communication and cooperation in professional contexts. In ever more areas of social life, civil society and business, the quality of human relations determines the quality of products and services. ‘Trust’ is an indispensable precondition for reliable and fruitful relations on both the personal and the organizational level.

Trust, however, is sorely lacking all over Europe and beyond. According to the organisers, supervisors see how people lose trust in the organizations or institutions by which they are employed. There are many reasons for the rise of organizational distrust, such as continuous organizational change or, perhaps even more fundamental, the repeated experience that money is always given precedence over people.

Supervisors are regularly confronted with this. What can – and should – they do about it? How can they help people and organizations to rebuild trust, and what is needed to be able to do that? Looking for answers, the organisers invite supervisors, coaches and other consultants, researchers, academics and interested employees to join the ANSE – LPSKA Summer University on “TRUST”.

The main theme – how to build trust through supervision – will serve as an umbrella over more specific subjects, such as the role of supervisors in creating ‘new’ qualities in human relations and in organizational culture. Moreover, the general theme of ‘trust’ would give ample room to various approaches addressing different needs, such as how to raise interpersonal respect, how to better identify the hidden need for supervision or how to handle the distrust deriving from the extreme individualism and competitiveness in European countries.

The language of the event is English. Registration deadline is 15 July.

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