VMU to Host Its First Ever Model UN


On 22 May, 3 p.m., at VMU Small Hall (S. Daukanto g. 28), the United Nations Student Club will host its first ever Model UN, a realistic simulation of a meeting of one of the various bodies of the UN – in this case, the General Assembly. Participants are requested to register online on Facebook.

At the event, students will represent UN Ambassadors and will discuss, debate, and attempt to come up with resolutions to conflicts presented in the simulation. The idea behind Model UN is to learn how to cooperate to pass resolutions and improve public speaking abilities, leadership skills, and problem solving skills. 

Depending on the chosen country, participants will be assigned to committees. Four of the six UN Committees will be simulated at the event:

  • First Committee (Disarmament and International Security Committee) is concerned with disarmament and related international security questions
  • Second Committee (Economic and Financial Committee) is concerned with economic questions
  • Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee) deals with social and humanitarian issues
  • Sixth Committee (Legal Committee) deals with international legal matters

The following topics will be discussed by the commitees:

  1. Nuclear Deal in Iran – 1st Committee
  2. Economic Crisis in Greece and PIIGS states – 2nd committee
  3. How to combat ISIS and other jihadist groups – 1st Committee
  4. How to deal with illegal immigration into southern Europe and the mounting death toll – 3rd committee
  5. Palestine and Israel – 6th committee
  6. Crisis in Ukraine – 1st committee
  7. Syrian Refugee crisis – 3rd committee

Participants will be able to chose a country to represent from the list presented by the organizers. More information on committees and topics will be sent to the participants personally.

Students cannot choose their own native country. Some effort is required to research the countries’ interests regarding various topics. Participants are requested to research their chosen country and prepare short position papers on the committee topics. They will also be given background booklets on the topics. “The better informed you are, the better the debate will be”, the organizers said.

According to the UN Student Club representatives, at the Model UN, one’s goal is to be dressed accordingly, act accordingly, represent one’s country well, act like a diplomat (not yourself), and find a consensus to pass resolutions.

“This is your chance to learn valuable skills that will enable you to become a better public speaker, diplomat, and problem solver. Don’t miss the chance to participate! This is a great thing to have on your CV”, the club’s members claim.

Registration is available on Facebook by choosing a country to represent (one country can be chosen by no more than 3 people and native country cannot be selected).

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