VMU Released Brand New Limited Edition Magazine


A brand new limited edition bilingual magazine entitled 25 Valandos / 25 Hours is currently distributed free-of-charge in Kaunas and online. It serves as both a guide to the cultural and social life of Kaunas and a kind of introduction of the university‘s philosophy, which invites everyone to discover the 25th hour: an unrestricted space for thoughts, ideas, desires and reflections.

In commemoration of the university’s 25th reestablishment anniversary, VMU has been promoting the motto VMU. In the Rhythm of 25 Hours. The slogan encapsulates the idea that the university is the place where one can take their time for themselves, stop to think for a while, and enjoy an extra hour of the day with intellectual, inspiring and enjoyable activities.

25 Hours features Lithuanian and English articles dedicated to every hour of this symbolically prolonged day. The texts invite readers to gain a different perspective on their day: enjoy meticulously selected coffee in the Old Town of Vilnius in the morning, transport themselves to the other side of the world at lunchtime, watch a movie on their wishlist in the evening, and explore their dreams more closely at night. The magazine also includes interviews, recipes, DIY instructions, music recommendations, etc.

Feel free to pick up 25 Hours anywhere in coffee shops, galleries and other public spaces of Kaunas. The number of copies is limited. You can also download it online here.

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