VMU Party Showcased Student Talents


On February 10, the university’s project VMU: More Than an Occupation invited everyone to AUDIoTeORIJA, a party at the Kaunas nightclub Gargaras (Raudondvario pl. 101). Former and current VMU students Vidis, Jazzyvile, Roads Man, LSAR and Saulty excited the crowd with music, while the VJs of Oro Pagalvės demonstrated their visual mastery.

This is the first event organized by the project VMU: More Than an Occupation. The project seeks to introduce schoolchildren and university students to various possibilities and alternatives which emerge with higher education. According to the organisers, the Mountain Rock Vol. 6 festival, which took place at Gargaras on February 18, continued in the spirit of the project, since there were many VMU graduates-turned-rockers on the stage that evening. Various other similar events are planned for the future as well.

"The idea of this project is a direct reflection of my own choice. Seeking to receive good-quality education, I chose Bachelor’s degree studies of English Philology at VMU and never had any regrets that I did not choose improvements in just one area – vocals. I am glad to be able to look at personal development from a wider perspective. I agreed to take part in the project, because just recently I myself was a part of this academic community. And now I will have a chance to show myself in another role", – Jazzyvile, a Lithuanian singer and VMU graduate, said before her performance during the party.

Quite a few contemporary celebrities and well-known figures have graduated from VMU. Their long and ever-growing list includes Vidis, a famous music artist, producer and DJ who got his Bachelor of Art History degree at VMU. Vidis was spinning the best tunes behind a mixer at AUDIoTeORIJA. "DJing performances are always different from live music concerts. They have more stylistic variety and opportunities for unexpected turns of events. Lately I even like my DJ sets more than the live music ones", the professional performer compared his experiences.

VMU: More Than an Occupation project serves as a reminder that VMU is the place where you receive much more than just narrow, specialized knowledge – this is where well-rounded personalities are nurtured, making it possible to take several professional career paths at once. Interdisciplinary studies are an advantage in these times of liquid modernity, they give one an edge in this competitive labour market, and, most importantly, make dreams come true. Liberal arts universities seek to educate people who care about the future and are not afraid to experiment, who think for themselves and are empathic toward the world.

This environment of different cultures and ideas gives priority not just to studies but to individual creative ambitions and inner motivations as well. Thus, connections and immediate teacher-student interactions are like a door in the wall which opens diverse experiences, saving from the trap of restricted, monotonous life.

"The event on February 10 did not disappoint fans of alternative or dance music. During the evening, a broad range of electronic music styles was played: tech house, deep house, nu disco, minimal techno. Also, the duo of Jazzyvile and Andy Lau gave a live performance. An exclusive show for the event’s audience was prepared by Oro Pagalves", Povilas Junas, the organiser of AUDIoTeORIJA, explained.

Fittingly, the title of the party, AUDIoTeORIJA, is a Lithuanian play on words which combines “audio theory” with “auditorium”. On February 10, the audience of AUDIoTeORIJA enjoyed an audacious auditory experience… outside of the auditorium!

You are welcome to view video report by Kristijonas Jakubsonas (k.jakubsonas@vkt.vdu.lt) and photo report by Jonas Petronis (j.petronis@vkt.vdu.lt) from the party.

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