VMU On the Boat: Students Set Sail for Home


On 27 May, at 7.30 p.m., Vytautas Magnus University held a farewell party, VMU On the Boat, for the international students.

Marking the end of the spring semester, VMU International Office and ESN VMU invited all international students to a nautical theme party, where everyone got the chance to remember the best moments of their visit in Kaunas, Lithuania and VMU.

Dressed in stripes, belts, sailor caps and other marine-themed clothing, the participants were all cheery and happy about their experience in Lithuania, the land far away which had become their home away from home.

“Before I came here, I didn’t know these people; now I know all of them. This is the difference, this is Erasmus for me”, explained Volkan Ekşi, a student from Turkey who was also particularly thankful for the devoted activities of the VMU International Office.

It was, indeed, a very busy semester: in addition to studying, international students celebrated Cultural Nights each week, captured the best moments of their experiences for the Best Shots of Exchange photo competition, collected funds for the wildcat at the Lithuanian Zoo, visited Lithuanian high school pupils and encouraged intercultural tolerance, went on numerous trips, sporting events, etc. Of course, they also had many, many parties.

Unsurprisingly, the incoming students also enjoyed the system of studies at VMU. Like their fellow students in previous semesters, they had only kind words to say about the liberal and friendly atmosphere during the lectures. “The lectures are more dynamic. Here, students make more presentations and the teachers are very nice, they help if you have problems. In Spain the teacher just gives you the lecture”, Juancho Panza pointed out one of the differences he noticed during his visit.

Photos from the farewell party VMU On the Boat are available on Facebook.

You are welcome to view the video report by Tadas Lukošius.

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