VMU Offers Double Degree Programs With UCLan


For the first time in Lithuania, VMU has launched two international bachelor degree programs organized jointly with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan, UK): Fashion Design and Music Production. The double degree programs will be based on British educational models and taught in English by professionals and professors from the United Kingdom.

Martynas Gedvila

The graduates will be awarded two diplomas of both universities, VMU and UCLan. The new programs are structured in accordance with the British education strategies. Lectures will be held by fashion designers as well as music industry experts from Lithuania and the UK.

The cooperation between the two institutions reflects their determination to deal with globalisation. “Several decades ago, British universities initiated close contact with the Far East: China, Taiwan. Now they have accepted the new challenge of internationalisation and turned their attention to the markets nearby: EU countries with established traditions of textile manufacturing”, Glenda Brindle, Dean of UCLan’s School of Art, Design and Performance elaborated.

Prof. Auksė Balčytienė, VMU Vice-Rector for Public Relations, claims that these programs offer first-rate studies which keep in step with the times and focus on development of practical skills. “Speaking of Fashion Design, there are many creative businesses and textile companies that are closely collaborating with the West. The materials they produce could be used in educational experiments: to show that Lithuania can change through everyday means of self-expression, through clothes. Of course, the prime focus would also be on businesses that are most likely to employ students”, the vice-rector said.

Fashion Design studies provide skills necessary in design creation and implementation, ranging from context research and sketching to sewing and portfolio-making. Subjects are taught in English by prominent, successful Lithuanian fashion designers who cooperate with local and foreign clothing companies.

Music Production program encompasses many aspects of the field: students will learn recording, sound design, composition basics, and other music production-related skills. “Graduates will be able to fulfil their potential as DJs or people who record sound and adapt it for videos. They will have sufficient knowledge to create sound and music for films, and sound design for videogames, audiovisual production, and music videos”, Assoc. Prof. Rimantas Plungė, head of VMU Dept. of Contemporary Art, explained.

The program’s students will attend lectures by award-winning composers, music industry experts, and producers from Great Britain, a country famous worldwide for its deep-rooted traditions of music education.

“Many young aspiring musicians fumble through their path towards the goal by grasping for small bits of information online or in the books. While that might not be a wrong course of action, I think everyone can make use of knowledge, so I am pleased that VMU has a program where people from Lithuania and abroad will be sharing their wisdom. I myself would love to listen to those lectures”, confessed well-known Lithuanian music journalist Ramūnas Zilnys.

Aside from the rapidly changing technology of music and the various specifics of design, the new programs will also pay particular consideration to increasingly necessary marketing skills. “It is no longer enough to just do your professional work, you also have to talk a lot about it, address different audiences: after all, you are only as interesting as you are able to win the hearts and minds of others. We will teach students to apply marketing skills in practice and focus on the daily life, not just art by itself”, Prof. Balčytienė emphasised.

Fashion Design and Music Production are BA study programmes taught in English, each of them are 3.5 years long. Graduates will be awarded BA diplomas by Vytautas Magnus University and the University of Central Lancashire.

Admission details are available online and at the International Office.

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