VMU Marked the European Day of Languages


On 26 September, Vytautas Magnus University celebrated the European Day of Languages. The VMU Centre of Foreign Languages organized events marking this occasion for the ninth year in a row – there were songs and dances, interesting performances and presentations. Several representatives of the Lithuanian national basketball team came to visit – some of them had just participated in the recently ended Eurobasket 2011.

The European Day of Languages opened with a greeting and a performance by the students of the VMU Music Academy, choir singers and clarinet players. VMU Alumni, holders of multiple international titles, members of the Lithuanian national basketball team Mantas Kalnietis, Jonas Mačiulis and Paulius Jankūnas joined in the celebrations, accompanied by the member of the Estonian national basketball team Siim Sander Vene.

The festivities at VMU, which is a university offering courses of no less than 26 modern and classical foreign languages, were varied and colourful: Azerbaijanis presented the culture of their country, there were songs and dances from Turkey, Germany, Spain and Latvia, an introduction to the French cuisine, a feast with the traditional Russian samovar, etc. As always, special attention was drawn to events dedicated to the English language – a lecture on the art of oratory, discussions on cosmopolitanism and patriotism took place, among other attractions.

You are welcome to view the video report by Lukas Motiejūnas (l.motiejunas@vkt.vdu.lt).

Photo reports by Alvydas Vaitkevičius (alvydas.vaitkevicius@vkt.vdu.lt) and Jonas Petronis (j.petronis@vkt.vdu.lt) are available for viewing here.

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