VMU invites students to become a mentor


VMU International Office invites Lithuanian and international degree students to join the VMU Mentors’ programme and become mentors for new incoming international students.

Mentors’ programme aims to facilitate the adaptation process of incoming international students at VMU, promotes volunteering and increases international experience of the university students.

VMU international degree students willing to join Mentor’s Program have to fill in the online application form until April 23, 2016.

VMU Mentor Selection Process

  1. VMU Students selected according to their applications will be informed personally on April 27th and invited to the motivational interview on May 2-3-4.
  2. VMU students selected according to the motivational interview will be informed personally and invited to the first mentors meeting.

More information about mentors and ESN VMU

Contact person:

International Office
Dominykas Graibus
Email:  D.Graibus@gmail.com
Address: S. Daukanto g. 27, room 306


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