VMU International Facebook Page Offers More to the Academic Community

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In December 2010, Vytautas Magnus University has launched VMU On the Move, a Facebook page dedicated to English-speaking readers, students or teachers, including foreigners at VMU and Lithuanian students abroad. In the last three months, the posts on the page have been viewed over 35000 times, the most popular of which were student exchange-related.

Martynas Gedvila, m.gedvila@vkt.vdu.lt

VMU On the Move, which was launched in collaboration with the VMU International Office, provides information relevant to English-speaking students, teachers, visitors of VMU or anyone interested in academic and cultural life of the university and the city.

The most popular posts on the page of VMU On the Move so far were the link to video report on orientation days and welcoming party for new incoming foreign students at VMU (seen by people on Facebook 874 times) and a photo album from the same event (809 times). You can find out more about the event here.

Other posts that received a lot of attention on the page include link to an interview with a respected lecturer of English Philology at VMU, prof. Milda Danytė, and a video report from the farewell party of the Erasmus students who have finished studying at VMU. A lot of feedback was received about a couple of events organized by Azerbaijani students at the university – announcements of Azerbaijan culture night and a presentation in memory of significant historical events in Azerbaijan.

Keeping up-to-date with Vytautas Magnus University is easier with VMU On the Move. Exchange students visiting VMU and Lithuanian VMU students abroad are kept posted about important matters, deadlines and events related to academic life thanks to the involvement of the VMU International Office. The page offers news, photo and video reports from recent VMU events and announcements of upcoming seminars, lectures, conferences and other events, interviews with interesting people, messages about various aspects of academic life at VMU, all relevant internationally and keeping everyone updated about the university.

Anyone who has a VMU-related question, wants to start a discussion or just has a few words to say about the university, is very welcome to do so on the wall of the VMU On the Move page, as well as in the comment section of this website. We will gladly react to your feedback, answering and assisting you in any way that we can. Announcements of upcoming events relevant to the community are also welcome.

If you have any inquiries about the university, its website or Facebook page, you may also send an e-mail to m.gedvila@vkt.vdu.lt or z.jokubauskaite@trt.vdu.lt.


Janay Alam

Sir, I am Janay Alam from Bangladesh.I have submitted my all required documents through the Online application on the date of March 2017. the University sent me a feedback for the asking documents: paid application fee document and a curriculum vitae.I also sent both but I have no feedback. Sir, what can I do? your best regards, Janay Alam

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