VMU Doctoral Student Opened Photo Exhibition About the East


On March 3, at the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy (Gedimino g. 44) an exhibition by a doctoral student from the Dept. of Regional Studies Justina Razmaitė, titled "My East" ("Mano Rytai"), has opened and will be on view until March 23.

"Photography is my hobby, a part of leisure time, because it helps to get a break from work and academic activities. Photos exhibited at the university capture colours, shapes and moods – moments which make up the meaning of life. Using the photos of "My East" (arranged into four groups – nature, architecture, religion, people) I attempt to show the moments of what was around when I was living in the Eastern countries and traveling around them", explained the author of the exhibition, Justina Razumaitė.

Justina Razumaitė has received a Bachelor’s degree at the VMU Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy. Afterwards she went to study in Taiwan, where she earned a Master’s degree in Chinese Studies. The exhibition "My East" seeks to share impressions, moments, emotions, colours and sounds from the trips to Eastern countries.

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