VMU Continues Portuguese Cultural Nights


On Monday 10 October, 5 p.m., at VMU (K. Donelaičio g. 52, room 422), the second event of the series of Portuguese cultural nights will be held (in English), this time introducing the audience to the Carnation Revolution, which took place in Portugal in 1974. The series is organized by the Portuguese language lector Nuno Guimarães and the VMU Centre of Foreign Languages.

These presentations concentrate on the universality of the Portuguese language and culture, where the concept of Lusophony serves as the binding factor of modern Portugal and all Portuguese-speaking countries. Organizers of the series present the most interesting aspects of contemporary cultural and linguistic views, supported by photos, films, music and subsequent discussions. All sessions are under the responsibility of Nuno Guimarães, lecturer of Portuguese at Vytautas Magnus University and Cultural Advisor of Portuguese Embassy in Lithuania.

The event is part of series Lusophony. The Universality of the Portuguese Language and Culture, which will also introduce Fado (Portuguese dances), African Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) countries and Brazil (see the poster for details). The main language of all events is English.

Nuno Guimarães is a diligent lecturer, writer and advocate of Portuguese culture. He has been working as the Cultural Attache at the Portuguese Embassy in Lithuania since 2006 and has taught at Vilnius University and Vytautas Magnus University. In addition to teaching Portuguese, Nuno Guimarães has also started reading the course Contemporary Portuguese Culture at VMU, which introduces the changes in the country caused by the Carnation Revolution of 1974 and the overthrow of the fascist regime. “Portugal is like a bridge between Europe, Africa and South America”, the scholar said referring to history and numerous colonies this country has had.

“Kaunas has very nice cultural life”, says the educator who is constantly involved in various cultural or educational projects, cinema or jazz festivals in the provisional capital of Lithuania. In 2010, Nuno Guimarães published the first-ever multilingual Lithuanian-Portuguese poetry book Vieniš(um)as. Solidao and is about to release a second one, Flying (in English, Portuguese and Lithuanian), in November.

More details about his activities can be found in an interview published here.

Event poster

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