VMU Ambassadors Blog. A Visit to VMU Dormitory Baltija


On a regular Sunday afternoon (1 p.m.) we went to VMU Dormitory “Baltija” to see what the students are doing and what they think about the different places of the dormitory. So let’s check what we have captured!


Lithuanian student Viktoras (Educology) about the dormitory’s adaptability for disabled people: “I can agree that the dorm is at least 80% friendly for students with disabilities. It’s quite easy to move for me here and the students are very helpful, both Lithuanians and international ones. We have lots of Erasmus students here, I like that.”

3402731_origFuad Shahbazov – Azerbaijan (Political Sciences) about the dormitory in general: “Compared to other dormitories – it’s good. There are lots of international students from Europe, Africa, Asia.”

6031077_origAlan Said – Mexico (Marketing and International Commerce) about the study room: “My favourite place in the dormitory? I just came back from party, so maybe not the best time to pose (laughs). I have to show you the reading room! It’s probably the only place in the dormitory where you can actually work and be quiet. A lot of students come here to study. I like it the most.”

Igor – Brasil (Foreign languages) about the laundry room: “I can’t tell you a lot about the laundry room, I have been here only 3 times (laughs). Never had any problem here. It’s very clean and free to use for everyone.”
Leonidas. Receptionist. About the students living in the dormitory: “Now it’s better than, let’s say, two years before. Students are calmer, maybe it’s because now they know the rules and only a few try to talk back if something hapens.”
Zakarija – Marocco (International Politics and Development Studies) about 10th floor panorama: “I come to the 10th floor when I want to be alone and think, because it’s an isolated place with a panoramic view especially at night.”
Abdullah and Êdrįš – Afganistan (International Relations and European Economy studies) about the rooms and services: “We are happy to live in the dormitory because the service management is really helpful for us and whenever we face a problem in a room and complain about it, we receive help from the dormitory management”.
Mariia-Romana – Ukraine (History) about a quiet place near the lobby: “I like this place a lot! I can hide here from everyone, the wi-fi is great and nobody sees me.”
Ghanshyam – India (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) about corridor and snooker: “This place is really good to spend leisure time with international students. When I feel bored, I just come here to play. I always meet students from different countries at this place.”
Akash – India (Molecular Biology And Biotechnology) about the Dance Hall: “this place gives us a good oportunity to celebrate different festivals or celebrations. In October 2015 we celebrated our Navratri Festival And Garba Dance with international students from VMU and other universities, it was a really nice experience for all of us.”
Galib – Azerbaijan (Diplomacy and International Relations) about the students’ room: “The atmosphere here is really good and cozy. Maybe not a lot of students know this place, so it’s better for studying than in the study room, because the study room is always overcrowded.”
Chiharu – Japan (Humanities) about the smoking room: “So… My favourite place in the dorm is the kitchen because cooking with people is always fun (laughs), my friends on the 4th floor always feed me curry. I’m not smoking but even I come to the smoking room to meet with the others and spend some time. Here it’s always loud.”
Rossana – Italy (International Relations And diplomacy) about the kitchen: “Well, it is a nice place to cook, meet and share different cuisines from different countries. We can also study here while cooking. In the big kitchen, we did birthday celebrations.”

We tried to pick random students in the dormitory and we hardly meet any Lithuanians so you can imagine the international atmosphere in the “Baltija” dormitory!

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