Virtual Mobility Course for Students and Learning Staff


VMU is implementing international virtual mobility exchange in the form of a 3 ECTS course Open Educational Resources. These virtual collaboration sessions are organized by 5 EU universities: VMU (Lithuania) and universities of Granada (Spain), Pavia (Italy), Jyvaskyla (Finland) and Porto (Portugal) and European Foundation for Quality in eLearning (EFQUEL, Belgium).

The course is organized within the framework of VMCOLAB – European Co-Laboratory for the Integration of Virtual Mobility in Higher Education Innovation and Modernisation Strategies, a project of the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme.

20 participants of the course, including university students, researchers and e-learning staff members, collaborate in international groups in order to identify Open Educational Resources’ (OER) repositories, share their insights and experience in OER use and development, discuss the quality and purposeful use of OER and research the challenges and prospects of OER use in participating countries.

This international virtual mobility experience for teachers and students is five weeks long. All participants use synchronous and asynchronous ICT tools for collaboration and presentation of their learning outcomes.

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