USA Students Sought Knowledge at VMU


On January 25, a group of students from the University of St. Thomas (the USA) came to VMU, attracted by interest in the history of Lithuania, Kaunas and Vytautas Magnus University.

The students, arriving from Minnesota, attended lectures by Dr. Vincentas Vobolevičius and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rytis Bulota and were enthralled by the VMU lecturers’ thoughts on the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence and the systems of election and political parties in Eastern European countries.

Students, who are pursuing degrees in the humanities and political sciences in the United States, were introduced to Kaunas, its history and Vytautas Magnus University by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy, Dr. Linas Venclauskas. Steven Hoffman, the academic coordinator of the visit and a professor at the University of St. Thomas, was pleased with the visit and promised to come back two years later for a longer stay.

Before the trip to VMU, organized by the Faculty of Humanities, twenty students from the USA also visited several universities in Poland and Belarus. Vytautas Magnus University was the only Lithuanian university they chose.

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