United Nations Student Club Founded at VMU


VMU students are invited to join a new organization: the United Nations Student Club (UNSC), which is dedicated to nurturing tolerance and human rights as well as increasing student awareness and participation in the political life and the civil society.

“I deeply believe the best way of achieving success in promoting human rights, sustainable development, and peace depends on our upcoming generation. Education is imperative. Our organization allows you to improve your intellectual facilities in different multinational platforms, gaining practical experiences based on simulation programs, which offer a broader perspective and knowledge of the UN and human rights”, Muhammet Nas, the President of the UNSC, explained.

According to the organization’s head, the UNSC is not just a political science organization. Its members believe that peacekeeping is not just dependent on future politicians and that every young person has the ability to change the world for the next generation.

Applications for membership in the organization are accepted from full-time VMU students.

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