Traditional Cultural Nights Return to VMU


VMU International Office and the international non-profit student organization ESN VMU have successfully started the third semester of social project Cultural Nights, which was launched one year ago.

The main goal of this initiative is to introduce different cultures to VMU community and provide a better understanding of people coming from other countries, breaking the established stereotypes in the process. This semester the organizers of Cultural Nights invite everyone to taste, see, hear, try and get to know new things about other cultures!

On September 20th, the first Cultural Night was officially opened with the new motto “Taste the Culture”. Local and foreign students of VMU gathered together at the cozy Punto Jazz Club to find out more about Lithuanian traditions and history. Everybody enjoyed learning national Lithuanian dances, games, and tasting traditional dishes.

The symbol of this semester’s project is the “Taste the Culture” culinary book, in which VMU international students from 30 countries in 6 continents will share recipes of their traditional dishes. Culinary book already includes recipes from France, Azerbaijan, Australia, Kazkahstan, Ukraine and Venezuela.

VMU International Office and ESN VMU invite the university’s academic community and guests to spend Thursday nights (from 8 p. m.) at Punto Jazz Club (Kęstučio g. 6). Do not miss the chance to meet different cultures and feel the “taste”!

Schedule of autumn semester ESN Cultural Nights: “Taste the culture“

18 October – Spain;
25 October – Estonia, South Korea, Pakistan, Slovenia;
8 November – Denmark, Japan, Poland, Germany;
15 November – Italy, Argentina, USA, Latvia;
22 November – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Russia, Belarus;
29 November – Georgia, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium;
6 December – Turkey.

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