The First Tandem Project Meeting Was Held by VMU


On March 1, Tuesday, the first meeting of the Tandem Project, organized by the ESN mentors at VMU, took place, attracting the attention of 60 foreign and Lithuanian students wishing to learn languages from each other in an informal environment. The second meeting is planned to take place in May.

As was announced previously, The Tandem Project seeks to provide everyone with an opportunity to learn and teach a foreign language, including Lithuanian, English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, Italian, Turkish, German and Polish.

The project, which declares its motto to be "Each one teach one!", has already received attention from a lot of students. The first meeting attracted 60 foreign and Lithuanian students at VMU, who spent time getting to know and learning from each other while drinking tea in an informal environment. 

The second meeting of the Tandem Project is scheduled for the beginning of May. A prize is promised to the student who will demonstrate the best newly acquired knowledge of a foreign language. The Tandem Project coordinators are VMU students and mentors: Kristina Butkutė, Agnė Bušeikaitė, Justina Sabalionytė, Indrė Kučinskaitė, Aistė Mockevičiūtė and Jūratė Kuklytė.

You are welcome to view the photo report by the VMU mentors from the first meeting of the Tandem Project.

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