Marketing and International Commerce (Double degree program with Catholic University of Louvain)

Marketing and International Commerce program focuses on marketing as strategic managerial function that drives initiatives in delivering customer value with international perspective approach and grounded by Lithuanian and international experience. The program examines the fundamental and modern concepts in strategic marketing, corporate marketing, customer relationship management, international marketing, and international commerce. This combination allows to build the knowledge and skills necessary for critical, creative, and sustainable approaches to business in a globalizing world.

The aim of Marketing and International Commerce study programme is to train highly qualified marketing and international commerce professionals, giving students the modern marketing and international commerce knowledge, skills, and abilities to analyze and understand global trends, respond rapidly and creatively to changing environment, monitor and evaluate innovations, apply the acquired knowledge to the development of marketing and international commerce processes of organizations in a changing and uncertain business environment.


This programme has double-degree diploma agreement with Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium)

Why Marketing and International Commerce programme?

  • An opportunity to get two independent Master degree diplomas of Vytautas Magnus University and Catholic University of Louvain.
  • Meetings with representatives of business and public sector organizations are integrated into the lectures.
  • Qualified and experienced academic as well as business-oriented lecturers, visiting foreign lecturers.
  • Community-oriented, friendly and collaborative #VDUevf study culture.
  • Convenient, work-friendly study schedule, small groups of students.
  • The lectures are held in the city center.

Student Testimonials

Professors who are highly motivated to teach us. Students are able to take part in Double degree programs or they can do other exchange programs and internships. In the end, the graduate can have not only the education which is crucial but also first-hand experience gained by traineeships in various countries.
Tamar Baramidze. Georgia. Graduate.

I have chosen Marketing and International Commerce program, because it has a good combination of subjects that are necessary to become a marketing professional. Besides, obtaining systematic knowledge for my future career, it also gives me great amount of cross-cultural communication in international environment.
Alla Tytarenko. Ukraine. Graduate.

Double diploma studies allowed to get better perception about other countries’ problems. It became a great opportunity to see team work between international students. After master’s double diploma studies, students are able to adapt knowledge much easier to the constantly changing environmental, work between multinational companies and see how cultural differences might affect organization’s atmosphere.
Džiugas Petruškevičius. Lithuania. Graduate.


Prof. Dr. Lina Pilelienė, Marketing.
Prof.Dr. Pier Semal, Marketing.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miglė Šontaitė-Petkevičienė, Marketing.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Viktorija Grigaliūnaitė, Marketing.

Competencies acquired

Student having successfully accomplished the programme will be able to:

  • Have and be able to apply fundamental and empirical research based latest marketing and international commerce knowledge, which forms the basis for the ability to create and (or) complexly apply original marketing and international commerce ideas solving practical problems under conditions of uncertainty.
  • Identify complex and interdisciplinary (contemporary and marketing related) research problems, to recognize, collect and critically assess information on relevant marketing field theories, empirical research findings and practices on a global scale and in different local and global business contexts.
  • Initiate, plan and to perform independent scientific and/or applied research by developing research methodology, collecting and systemizing data and information and applying them for the analysis and assessment of the relevant marketing and international commerce problems.
  • Propose scientific research based innovative, complex marketing and international commerce as well as related fields’ solutions assessing their outcomes, importance and consequences on a global, local, organizational and personal level.
  • Analyse complexly and critically evaluate marketing and international commerce strategies, activities, and results of various market participants, applying scientific research results.
  • Comprehensively plan and properly solve complex tasks in the field of marketing and international commerce fields in a new and unknown environment.
  • Initiate, create and manage implementation of innovative value-based marketing strategies and tactics, projects, processes at the global, local, organizational, personal level.
  • Work efficiently and creatively in a team and lead it, take responsibility, share knowledge and cooperate solving problems.
  • Communicate with stakeholders smoothly, properly using professional language orally and in written, presenting research results and practical ideas, constructively discussing, defending opinion, consulting and (or) performing expert evaluation.
  • Demonstrate skills of critical, systematic, creative, and strategic thinking independently making decisions, understanding moral and social responsibility for one’s activities and its ethic consequences.
  • To demonstrate abilities of independent learning and continuous interdisciplinary and professional development.

Career opportunities

The programme examines the problems of modern marketing and international commerce, the application of innovative solutions in solving topical problems of marketing and international commerce and forms the skills required for specialists in these fields. Graduates of the master study programme Marketing and International Commerce will be able to:

  • Develop and implement innovative marketing strategies based on the latest scientific knowledge and best practices of its application.
  • Work in business, advertising and communication agencies, marketing and international commerce managers and heads of marketing and international commerce departments in companies, creative project managers in advertising and communication agencies, governmental and public organizations.
  • Provide consulting services on marketing and international commerce issues to various economics entities, establish.
  • Develop own business.
  • Pursue doctoral studies and conduct research.

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Contact persons of the programme

Vaida Kasmauskaitė,


K. Donelaičio g. 52, 615 room, LT-44244 Kaunas, Lithuania

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Visiting Address

V. Putvinskio g. 23, room 211-215, LT-44249 Kaunas, Lithuania


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  • Faculty Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Group of Fields of Study Business and Public Administration (L)
  • Lenght of Programme 2 academic years
  • Tuition fee per year: 4 384 Eur
  • ECTS credits 120
  • Name of Qualification Master of Business Management