VMU Ambassadors Club

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VMU Ambassadors Club is an initiative proposed and developed by the International Office in cooperation with VMU international students.

Ambassadors are students who are currently studying at VMU or international graduates who have chosen to represent the university in the world. VMU ambassadors help other students with practical tips about life in Lithuania and studies at VMU, participate in study fairs both in Lithuania and abroad, take part in a series of projects specifically organized by the University, and share their emotions, hopes, dreams and experiences through the club’s blog.

During a 2014/2015 study year a group of international students decided to assemble a club of friends to spread the name of Vytautas Magnus University all over the world, share ideas, participate in different events, and appreciate each other’s cultures. So far, 15 international students have joined the club, making it a multi-variegated group of people coming from different corners of the world. Most of the club members come from European countries but other continents are also represented, as students from India, Nigeria, and Barbados have also decided to become ambassadors of VMU.

The main aim of the group is to offer a reliable platform to support potential future VMU students by answering their practical questions and clearing up their doubts.

In one of the ambassador profiles published in the blog, Sonali, VMU student of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from India, says that the Lithuanian population reminds her of a wonderful swan for “its grace, peace and balance”. Other colourful comparisons were made as well. Economics and Management student Waheed from Nigeria compared VMU to a car – Nissan Murano: “a luxurious and well-balanced mid-size crossover with a good standard that sets it apart from its rivals, (…) like VMU”. One of the ambassadors gave an unexpected compliment to the public transport in Kaunas: Dale, Barbadian student of Finance and Banking, found it to be extraordinarily punctual, which was one of the most surprising things about Lithuania for him.

Many more opinions and stories can be found on the blog of VMU Ambassadors Club. The website also offers the readers an opportunity to get to know the ambassadors better and ask their own questions. They will be more than happy to answer your questions. So, do not hesitate to contact them and start enjoying the friendly atmosphere of Vytautas Magnus University.