Postal services

Receiving parcels and mail

For receiving your international parcels or letters you have to indicate to sender this address: VMU dormitory, room [number], Vytauto pr. 71, LT-44321, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Note. If you have received paper that requests missing data about your international parcel, please deliver this paper and additional data: sender’s name, surname and relationship to you, to the International Office. This letter means that your parcel has not enough data and Postal Office will need a letter from VMU international Office.

Sending parcels and mail

Lithuanian post office offers three services: letters, international parcels and money transfers through Western Union.  Please note that maximum allowed weight of international parcels depends on country. Prices and each service details are provided in the following website:

You may send your letters or parcels from Central Post Office in Kaunas. Contacts provided below:

Central Post Office in Kaunas
Website Address Working hours Laisvės al. 102, Kaunas I-V          7:00-19:00

VI           8:00-16:00