Residence for students’ guests

Students who lives at VMU dormitory for longer than 2 (two) months period can book the residence for the guests. Booking of the residence may be for no more than 7 (seven) calendar days of stay. Steps of the reservation are:

  • Student has to book the guest room by using an Student self-service portal at least 1 (one) work day before the arrival of the guest
  • The guest of student may check-into the dormitory only after the confirmation of reservation, which will be send to the student by the Student Affairs Department
  • Student has to pay the nightly-stay fees for guest‘s accommodation. This fee will be added to the student‘s monthly accommodation fee
  • Student has to introduce his/her guest to the internal rules of the dormitory and will take the responsibility for all of the actions of his/her guest.

Guests may be accommodated only in the guest rooms of the dormitory.

For more information please contact