Residence for students’ guests

A student who resides in a dormitory and has an accommodation agreement for the entire study period or academic year shall be entitled to request his / her accommodation in the dormitory for a period not exceeding 7 (seven) calendar days in the following order:

  • The student must pre-reserve his / her place of residence in the Guest rooms by selecting it in the list of vacancies (link “Students” for VMU students, “Other persons” for non-VMU students) from Monday midnight until midnight of Thursdays (Friday – Sunday – no bookings in progress)
  • Wait till you get a receive e-mail letter conforming your chosen place of residence
  • The quest may move to the designated place of residence during the reserved period

Guest accommodation

Guests shall be accommodated and evicted by the University (dormitory) responsible staff member only in their dormitory rooms, who shall record the actual date of arrival or departure from the quest room.

Persons must move to the designated place of residence from 2 p. m., departure – by 12 p. m., however, taking into account the student’s request and possibilities to meet it, the responsible employee of the University (dormitory) administration has the right to change the time of departure.

During the stay in the dormitory, the quest of the student must present an identify document.

The student must meet the visiting quest and familiarize himself / herself with the rules of the University dormitory, as well as other requirements related to the accommodation established in the University and the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and oblige them to comply with his / her responsibility.

Payment for accommodation

The student must pay the quest’s accommodation cost – the Accommodation Fee. This quest accommodation fee is added to the student accommodation fee.

If the guest fails to enter in the reserved place at the appointed time and does not cancel it at least 2 (two) working days before the guest’s arrival date, the student shall be charged the overnight fee for the first day reserved for the guest.

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