Accommodation at VMU dormitory No. 6 – „Vivulskis”

This dormitory, which is located in Vilnius was previously known as Dormitory-Guest House of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. The twelve-storey building is located in the city centre, therefore you can enjoy a wonderful view of Vilnius panorama which is seen from the upper floors of the dormitory.

Dormitory is situated next to one of busiest streets in the city – Savanorių pr. and Švitrigailos street. You can easily reach train and bus stations, airport and Vilnius Old Town, which is just 1,5 kilometres (20 min) away from the dormitory. Dormitory is adjoined to VMU Campus building, T. Ševčenkos str. 31, so lectures are held close enough to reach it by walking. Moreover, international fulltime and exchange students from Europe, Asia and America are accommodated in this dormitory.

Twelve-storey dormitory has a structure of room blocks (one block of rooms consists of two furnished rooms (one two-beds room, another – three-beds room). Also, in the dormitory there are options of single rooms and two-beds rooms. Students, who are living in the same block of rooms are sharing on bathroom and WC, meanwhile single rooms and two-beds rooms have separate bathrooms/WC. Students have internet access in each room.

Accommodation Fees

VMU accommodation fees have to be paid for a current month, before 15 (fifteenth) calendar day of current month. Fee is calculated according to the type of a room, by using Student Self-Service portal Since September 1st, 2018 daily prices per person, for VMU students are following:

In non-renovated rooms (10, 9 and 3 floor):

  • Single room – 5 EUR/day
  • Two-beds room – 5 EUR/day
  • Two-beds room in a block of rooms – 3 EUR/day
  • Three-beds room in a block of rooms – 2 EUR/day

In renovated rooms (8, 7, 6 and 5 floor):

  • Single room – 6 EUR/day
  • Two-beds room – 6 EUR/day
  • Two-beds room in a block of rooms – 5 EUR/day
  • Three-beds room in a block of rooms – 4 EUR/day

For non-VMU students, prices are +1 €/day higher compared to VMU students.

This price includes all the charges, that are related to dormitory exploitation.

Residents of the dormitory may use self-service laundry-drying services:

  • Washing – from 3 EUR (10 kg)
  • Drying – 1,5 EUR (10 kg)

Important Information

Before moving into the dormitory resident should bring oneself:

  • beddings (pillow, blanket) and bedsheets, covers, towel.
  • kitchen utensils (cup, plate, cutlery, pot, pan, kettle, etc)
  • refrigerator (if necessary). There might be a refrigerator in some rooms, but you should ask about it to the dormitory’s Administrator.
  • other personal belongings and inventory.

The dormitory has wired internet, but there are separate general areas for wireless internet.

Reaching the Dormitory

Closest bus stops to the dormitory are: „Simono Konarskio“ (Savanorių pr.) or „Taraso Ševčenkos“ (Švitrigailos g.)

Adaptation to the Needs of Disabled People

Dormitory is only partly adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility: there is a ramp for entering the building, it is possible to use an elevator.

For more information

Student Affairs Department

Dormitory’s Administration