East Asia Region Studies

Code of programme 621L20007
Area of studies Social Sciences
Field of studies Political Sciences
Lenght of programme: 2 academic years (120 ECTS)
Name of Qualification: Master of Political Science
Minimum background Bachelor’s degree
Type of programme Deepening


Master’s degree program in East Asia Region Studies is an interdisciplinary program, which focuses on political science as the core study field in combination with different co-generic fields, closely related to the development of academic and professional competencies in East Asian regional studies. The adequate preparedness for the work as specialist of East Asian region requires multidisciplinary knowledge of the field, which includes such competencies as East Asian language skills, knowledge of cultural specifics, mentality, history, economics, as well as ability to understand and apply practically the interconnectedness of these fields in regard to political science. The program aims to prepare qualified professionals, who are ready to deal with specific problems of the particular region by using different approaches and high communicative skills, acquired through learning of language, culture, history, etc.

Competencies acquired

Graduates of the programme obtain the following skills:

  1. Knowledge of contemporary tendencies in East Asian politics and economics;
  2. Ability to critically analyse East Asian and international political and economic processes, to evaluate their changes and development trends;
  3. Effective communication skills across East Asian cultures and audiences at a personal and professional level;
  4. Ability to apply research, communication and evaluation methods and tools in different academic and practical activities (educational, informational, consultation etc.).

Career opportunities

Master’s degree program in East Asia Region Studies is aimed at preparing qualified specialists to work in diplomatic structures, governmental and non-governmental institutions, business organizations, academic institutions, as well as European and East Asian diplomatic institutions that have demand for East Asian region experts. Graduates of the program possess adequate knowledge of East Asian region’s political, economic, cultural processes in the context of globalization, are able to recognize specific characteristics of the region, to analyse global events and apply this experience to Lithuania, as well as have knowledge of communicational characteristics of the region.

Graduates of East Asia Region Studies program have a possibility to continue their studies at PhD level in the field of political science, as well as in other PhD programs within the area of social science in national and international institutions.

Final evaluation

Final paper (Master’s thesis). The program is completed with the public defence of a Master’s thesis.

Admission requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, the Humanities or other Social Science field is required. It is recommended that applicants who have not studied in a Political Science undergraduate programme, should have 6 credits in Social Science, 4 credits in Humanities and 10 credits in Political Science.

Complementary studies

Applicants who have not studied in a Political Science undergraduate programme must complete at least 10 credits of the Political Science programme. The applicants have to complete the following prerequisites: Introduction to Political Science (6 credits), Introduction to International Relations (6 credits), Introduction to Economics (6 credits), Cross-Cultural Communication (6 credits).


Course title Course code Volume in ECTS credits
Obligatory courses (9)
World’s Regions and Area Studies BRS5028 6
International Relations in East Asia RRS6014 6
Research methods and academic writing RRS5029 6
Political Development of China RRS5024 6
Politics and Society in Japan since 1945 RRS5025 6
Special Course RRS5019 6
Economic Development of East Asian Countries RRS6016 6
Social critique and critical methods RRS5030 6
Identities in East Asia RRS6017 6
Optional courses
Orientalism and Occidentalism in International Relations POD5015 6
Japanese Language and Culture (one level) RAK1003 6
Korean Language and Culture (one level) RAK1002 6
Chinese Language and Culture (one level) RAK1001 6
Religion and Politics in the Global World POD6012 6
Japanese Language and Culture (one level) RAK1006 6
Korean Language and Culture (one level) RAK1005 6
Chinese Language and Culture (one level) RAK1004 6
Regions Evolution in the International System BRS5015 6
Japanese Language and Culture (one level) RAK2003 6
Korean Language and Culture (one level) RAK2002 6
Chinese Language and Culture (one level) RAK2001 6
Research Projects (3)
Research Project No. 1 RRS5011 6
Research Project No. 2 RRS5027 6
Research Project No. 3 RRS6012 6
Final Paper
Master’s Thesis 30
Total  credits:   120