Certificates and Licences

Students of Vytautas Magnus University may acquire Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degrees, but the list of additional qualifications and certifying documents does not stop there, allowing the students to become eligible for internationally recognized licences and certificates.

European Computer Driving Licence

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is a computer literacy certification program recognized globally and attesting the licence owner‘s knowledge ability of information technologies, their computer skills and the most frequently used software. The document declares the owner fully competent computer user, who is aware of the essential concepts of information technology. The licence is common to people of all specialties and ages. It facilitates the procedures of employment and work assessment. In most European countries, when applying for a job at government institutions, the ECDL licence is considered an advantage or, in some cases, necessary condition.

One of the official ECDL test centres is located at the VMU Faculty of Informatics. Since the 2009-2010 autumn semester, students who have passed the exam of informatics (D group subject) scoring an 8 or a higher mark, are eligible for the ECDL licence after paying a fee determined by the ECDL foundation.

Michigan State University Certificate on Transnational Law

Graduating students of integrated law study programmes are awarded Master‘s degree, and also have the opportunity to be awarded the Michigan State University Certificate on Transnational Law, one of the most prestigious documents indicating the recipient’s high level of legal knowledge and legal language skills.

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