Students to Present Multilingual Journal


On Monday 31 March, 10 am, the multilingual journal Primavera en Español will be presented at the VMU Building No. 3, first floor lobby (K. Donelaičio Str. 52).

The journal is dedicated to the annual Spanish culture festival entitled Primavera en Español and is an original work by the pupils and students who are members of the Miguel de Cervantes Spanish Language and Culture Club.

In order to cherish the tradition of multilingualism, all the articles in the journal are in Lithuanian, English and Spanish. The publication presents not only the upcoming festival’s events but also the general tradition of Spanish spring events in Kaunas and the history of Spanish language courses at VMU. The article “Greetings from Spain”, which describes the students’ impressions of their Erasmus studies, will transport the readers to the sunny country. In addition to this, the journal contains inspirational success stories shared by VMU graduates who have retained a connection with the Spanish language.

Those who attend the event on Monday morning will be the first ones to take the journal into their hands and will also have an opportunity to meet with the journal’s authors and find out more about the upcoming Spanish culture festival. The organizers also promise a special treat: sweets to brighten the beginning of the week.

The festival Primavera en Español returns to Kaunas on 7–17 April. This year the events of the fiesta are united by the theme “The Spanish language in the world: 25 years at VMU”.

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