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Student and Staff Survey on Impact of Erasmus+


Following the great results achieved by the first Erasmus Impact Study of 2014, the European Commission has decided to carry out a follow-up study on the impact of Erasmus+ on students, staff and institutions.

This study will measure the impact of mobility on different aspects, such as labour market success of students, teaching practices of staff, and the impact that participation in the programme has on higher education institutions. The task has been commissioned to ICF and CHE Consult who are currently carrying out a large-scale survey among students, staff and higher education institutions. To measure the real impact of the programme, the EC needs to survey both students and staff who have taken part in Erasmus+, and those have not taken part. The two surveys are dedicated to:

  • Students who were enrolled at the university prior to 2014 and current students (both those who participated in Erasmus mobility and those who did not):


  • Current staff:


Please note that the data collection is anonymous: ICF and CHE Consult will not be able to identify individual respondents unless respondents choose to enter their personal details during the survey.

The experiences and responses of the students and the staff are invaluable for the continuing monitoring, continuation and improvement of the Erasmus+ programme.

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