Structural Changes of the University unroll


On August 25, 2010, VMU Council approved structural changes of the university. The alteration was initiated by the re-elected Rector prof. Z. Lydeka. The changes encompass two faculties and several administrational offices.

Social Welfare Department will be integrated into the Faculty of Social Sciences meanwhile newly established Office for Infrastructure will incorporate offices and divisions responsible for Infrastructure, Information Systems and Transport. Furthermore, Public Communications division, as well as, Research division, were granted status of the office.

Furthermore, the re-elected Rector Z. Lydeka pledged that he will further encourage the establishment of horizontal management structure. "Universities seeking to develop creative personalities do not benefit from using the hierarchical management structure. It is important that management, as far as possible, would be changed with planning and coordination. However, this is impossible without teamwork, the initiative and active and enthusiastic participation of the community"- he said.

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