Special Video: VMU in the Rhythm of 25 Hours


Marking the 25th reestablishment anniversary this year, Vytautas Magnus University lives life in the rhythm of 25 hours. The extra hour of the day is for being together, talking, sharing ideas, and living here and now.

The university gives this small miracle, the 25th hour, to everyone: not just the members of its community but anyone craving for creativity and vitality. This is is the time for intellectually stimulating, inspiring and simply enjoyable activities.

VMU is free, open, dynamic and constantly changing. In 25 years since rebirth, it has already raised the new VMU generation: creative, courageous and curious personalities who do not confine themselves to their studies and never stop asking questions or looking for answers.

In celebration of the 25th reestablishment anniversary, VMU invites you to spend the 25th hour together. Throughout the academic year, the university organizes international and cultural events which are compelling not only to the scholars but to the public as well: seminars, discussions, conferences, theatre performances and concerts. VMU is open to everone, so the ideas born here do not remain trapped within the university’s four walls.

More information about all events dedicated to the university’s 25th reestablishment anniversary will be available soon in the English section of the site. Details in Lithuanian are available at www.vdu.lt/25.

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