SocialErasmus Week Invites Students to Share Kindness


Just like every year, the Erasmus Student Network is holding the SocialErasmus week, which is held 4-7 May.

The purpose of SocialErasmus is to provide opportunities for foreign students to get in touch with local culture, socialize, help the local community and volunteer. As a way of uniting students who came to Lithuania as participants of Erasmus+, ESN VMU members will fill the entire week with social activities.

On May 4th, SocialErasmus week will start with event “Paint Your Bench!”. Foreign students along with members of ESN VMU will maintain the surroundings of Ąžuolynas Park  and paint its benches.

May 5th is the day of Erasmus in Schools. Students will go to Šakiai Žiburio Gymnasium, where they will share their knowledge about their home countries traditions and culture. Sparking the interest of the pupils not only with information about countries, but also with their own experience, foreign students from all over the world are trying to expand the horizons of young people by promoting mobility.

May 6th is the International No Diet Day. Students are encouraged to think about the damage diet can cause to their bodies. During this event, students and the members of ESN VMU have promised some surprises. “Let’s love our body the way it is”, the organizers say.

On May 7th, students will be invited again to become an example for young people and will be visiting the Children’s Daycare Center. For the third time this semester, the visiting students are cheering up the little ones by doing various educational activities together.

ESN VMU invites everyone to join the SocialErasmus week together with foreign students and to start not only new friendships, but also to participate in social activities. Let’s share our kindness.

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