Smart Practice: Entrepreneurship in Higher Education


The university has started implementing a new Erasmus+ strategic partnership project dedicated to smart practice: innovative approaches on internship in higher education which improve student enterpreneurship and employment skills.

The project, titled Smart Practice: Empowering Entrepreneurial Skills in Higher Education, is being implemented by the VMU departments of Management and Education and the Centre For Enterprise Practices since September 2015. Six partners are participating in the project: universities and organizations from Lithuania, Italy, Cyprus and Finland.

The goal of the project is to increase higher education quality so that higher education graduates acquired the right skills for employability and were more prepared for labour market. The project seeks to strengthen cooperation between universities and enterprises and other social partners, encouraging young people to develop transversal skills shaping them into entrepreneurial individuals.

The authors are employing an innovative approach towards internships: application involves work-integrated learning (WIL), teamwork, various practice scenarios, active learning methods, theory and practice integrating activities and other methods which provide opportunities to develop competences and skills essential in professional career context.

In pursuit of the goal, good practices on innovative approaches to internship in higher education will be analysed, methodology of smart practice will be tested with the students in each country participating in the project, and a handbook based on the smart practice’s results will be prepared. The project aims to improve the practical skills of the students, the mentorship abilities of the business representatives, and the entrepreneurship of the lecturers.

At least 36 students, 16 lecturers and 12 mentors (business enterprise representatives) will participate in the project activities directly. Over 200 members of the project’s target group will attend various dissemination events.

“In a broader sense the project will positively contribute to the solution of some issues that are  high on EU’s political agenda: quality and modernization of higher education,  youth unemployment, developing entrepreneurial skills, fostering higher education and business cooperation. The methodology applied in the project will promote science and business synergy”, the project’s authors say.

The Erasmus+ strategic partnership project Smart Practice – Empowering Entrepreneurial Skills in Higher Education (No. 2015-1-LT01-KA203-013477) is  being implemented since September 1 by the Dept. of Management of the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management, the Dept. of Education of the VMU Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Centre For Enterprise Practices.

The project is implemented by six partners from four European countries. The project’s coordinator is the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (Lithuania); project partners: VMU (Lithuania); European University Cyprus (Cyprus); consulting and training organization Eurosuccess Consulting (Cyprus); Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and the University of Verona (Italy).

Project Description (Lithuanian)
Project Description (English)

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