Šlutas Film Screened at Lithuanian Emigration Institute


On 4 November, VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute screened a documentary by the famous Lithuanian Diaspora public figure, filmmaker Anatolijus Šlutas (1929 – 2006).

In 1966, Šlutas created a TV show called “Lithuanians on Television” in Chicago. The show ran until 1978.

Lithuanian Emigration Institute stores Šlutas’ video archive, which preserves unique moments and facts from the cultural and political life of Lithuanian Americans.

Ina Vaisiūnaitė, VMU PhD history student and researcher of Lithuanian diaspora’s audiovisual media, introduced Šlutas’ activities and showed videos of some of his work.

The event was attended by another public figure of the diaspora Pranė Šlutienė, a colleague and fellow of Anatolijus Šlutas. Mrs. Šlutienė commented on the videos and told the audience about the Lithuanian Americans’ contribution and support of Lithuania’s freedom movement. She also answered questions from the audience.

Ther screening of Anatolijus Šlutas’ documentary was organized by VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute and VMU Documentary Film Workshop.

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